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Jan 19, 2012


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Spend a day with my wife.

Isn't it amazing what can't be seen?

I would never have known.

Late Gen Y-er/Early Millennial

Grades and scores still matter, and everyone gets good ones now.

The military has been drawing recruits from an increasingly limited number of towns and regions, becoming less representative of the population over time. Also, you can't really take it easy and stay in the military, so it makes sense that those who remain in the military past boot camp are the ones who put forth the necessary effort to do so.

Good colleges are so hard to get into BECAUSE everyone is so fat and happy - thus, they have the time and money for higher education, whereas before, they were pretty beat after an eight-hour shift on the assembly line at the local factory. Also, as a young person, it's far more attractive to stay in school than try to break into a miserable job market with no experience and only a high school diploma.

I agree that the accusation is often overstated, but compared to past generations, Gen Y and the Millennials do seem softer to me, on average. Fortunately, I think all that college and Internet browsing is paying off and we're way smarter and more tech-savvy than the idiots who are currently in charge of things. I can't wait for all these fools to retire and let us finally start fixing their fuck-ups for good.

Ed Cone

My focus group is small, but I see some really hard-working kids who earn the grades they get. More focused than my generation, actually.

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