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Jan 07, 2012


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Fred Gregory

Can you say triple hearsay. ?

Hysterical grandstanding.


Fracking is safe


Ah, that's some deliciously refreshing benzene I must say!

Billy Jones

And don't tell Fred about the fracking earthquakes either.


Ah yes, the imaginary moral high ground, despite the lack of real evidence that would justify climbing that imaginary hill in order to plant the flag of "Progressive Justice for Us All!



And don't tell Fred about the fracking earthquakes either.

Linking is one thing, but please don't say you believe that fracking causes earthquakes.

Billy Jones

Did you actually read the link?


"Did you actually read the link?"

I think he did.


"Mr. Nichols stressed that fracking itself - as distinct from the waste disposal - is in no way responsible for the tremors, despite several news reports to the contrary. Federal officials have confirmed that the practice is unlikely to generate significant seismic activity.

'The fracking itself probably does not put enough energy into the ground to trigger an earthquake. … That’s really not something that we should be concerned about,' William Leith, senior science adviser for earthquake and geologic hazards with the U.S. Geological Survey, said in an interview with National Public Radio last month."


right, except that:

"The disposal of wastewater used in the booming practice known as “fracking” is responsible for a rash of recent earthquakes in Ohio, and critics have latched on to the seismic events as evidence that the popular natural gas extraction method is dangerous and should be banned."

"fracking itself" being earthquake safe means nothing if the disposal isn't.

Billy Jones

Amazing how Bubba always misses the obvious.


"Amazing how Bubba always misses the obvious."

The "obvious" is that fracking did not cause the earthquake, despite the way certain people want to frame the facts. As posed here, it's the same as saying that society bears the blame when when a criminal commits a crime.

Any other questions that I can help you understand the correct answer?


Shall we agree then that, at least, North Carolina should implement some regulations regarding the disposal of fracking waste that excludes the earthquake-causing methods?

Billy Jones

Bubba, for your info, no one made the claim that fracking causes the earth quakes you so desperately want to refute. I simply baited one hook and caught a sucker-- sucker.

Ed Cone

The analogy to crime and society is flawed -- nobody's arguing that seismic activity causes fracking.

Roch's suggestion is reasonable: North Carolina should update its ancient regulations to factor in our specific geology and other local conditions, to make sure that drillers are forced to live up to the standards they insist make fracking safe, and to protect the people and environment of our state.

Billy Jones

Ed: "nobody's arguing that seismic activity causes fracking."

ROTFLMAO!!! Good one!

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