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Jan 14, 2012


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This may be a dumb question, but why is the City giving them money? The City doesn't do this for every business. Why this one?

Billy Jones

Why this one?

It's all about who you know.


It is a cornerstone development is a redeveloping part of downtown. The original site was not large enough to allow the type of delivery trucks used. The Citi Financial lot was added which threw off the numbers. That is my understanding. A very small price with significant spin off of additional development and tax revenue.


If another grocery wants to come downtown, will they get money, too? Just asking. No agenda. (I know, that's weird here.) I know there's a little Harris Teeter in downtown Charlotte (or there used to be) and I wonder why we don't have something like that -- a regular grocery. Deep Roots is a specialty store, right?


I know that HT -- Near Discovery Place, serves the Fourth Ward area and seemed to be attract a lot of foot traffic. Thumbs up from Polifrog.

I do not know its development history, though.

Ernie McCracken

Is the new and expanded Deep Roots planning to offer a much larger range of products than what they currently offer? Basically, are they planning on catering to a more diverse clientele? Expanding their base beyond the uber-hipsters, crunchy granola folk, and raw food eaters? If they just need more room for more of the same - macrobiotic foods, barley green, herbs, balms, cure-alls, etc., - the incentives are ridiculous. I don't see an increase in foot traffic. I see an abundance of Subaru Outbacks and Foresters making trips through downtown. Am I stereotyping? Perhaps, but take a trip to the current location and you'll discover I'm spot-on.


No, not familiar with Deep Roots or Trader Joe's.


The Deep Roots is planning on adding a cafe with to-go lunch items and a small outdoor eating area - last I heard, which admittedly was prior to knowing they needed to acquire to knock down the Citi building. It should do fine in this location. Suffice it to say, a co-op is not a traditional business and things do happen slower. I'm not crazy about the idea of the loan, but I am glad the City is working with them to help make it happen. There are already too many barriers - expensive ones at that - to get anything other than a bar/restaurant to open up downtown. I have not been a fan of their current location and I have been critical of their customer service. I'm looking forward to the new location as an option to driving up Battleground to Earth Fare, but if the customer service doesn't improve, I'll continue to drive elsewhere.

Ernie McCracken

Are they going to offer fresh meats and quality booze? You know, the staples that real men desire? That's my only concern. I live a few blocks from the site so I'm on board if that's the case. Otherwise, sell your macrobiotic foods and elixirs elsewhere!

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