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Jan 02, 2012


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Wow. That is fabulous. Love the comment ... plus Stills looks like he definitely cranked up his inner Tom Jones for the occasion.

Gotta cross post this one at Blue.

Thanks for the treat!


Tom Jones is one cool dude. Always seems to have had his own particular inner metronome! Vaguely remember having to watch his variety show with my mom and aunt back in the days of one TV and 4 channels.


Me too, Mick. My mom was a TJ groupie before groupie was a word. Between him and Elvis, she had all the gyrations one middle-aged woman could stand. Bless her soul.

Billy Jones

4 Channels!!! WTF!!! We only had 3 channels at my house.


Ah, we had PBS Billy! You know Sesame Street, Zoom, Reading Rainbow, Masterpiece Theater...

  Bill Yaner

James Brown was once asked which if any white singers of that era had soul, and his answer without hesitation was Tom Jones. Not a bad testimonial.

Don Davis

Any one of the four guys on that stage had more talent in their little finger than most any modern "star", and that performance was LIVE, no syncing...... Thanks for the clip Ed!

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