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Jan 16, 2012


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  Bill Yaner

Like Trent Dilfer? Or Jeff Hostedler?

Ed Cone

Like, Saturday at noon.

I know the rules have changed and passing is king as never before, but I was thinking recently about Dilfer and Hoss (and Doug Williams) in the context of Tebow and the current elite QB fetish. Those guys all have as many rings as Peyton Manning, if Tebow can learn another trick beyond rolling left, maybe he could join them.

  Bill Yaner

I think as quarterbacks have gotten bigger and spent more time weight training and beefing up, they're just not as fragile when they run. I saw some DB's take some hard bounces off Cam this year, and I love those plays called for him.


the average career lifespan for running backs in the nfl is 2.57 years. if that's what you want out of your franchise quarterback, feel free to pursue the tim tebow's (which would be a terrible pursuit for a number of other reasons) and cam newton's of the world.

don't get me wrong, cam is fun to watch and he broke a ton of rookie records, but until he wins consistently and doesn't break down, i'd be careful wishing for your QB to be taking on tacklers in the open field. *many* running backs, built much better than cam, have had very short careers.


ed, in terms of percentages, i'd much rather have a brady, either manning brother, big ben, brees, warner, elway, favre, aikman, young, etc. than the outliers of brad johnson and trent dilfer. those first ten prolific QBs accounted for 17 of the last 19 super bowl wins. this past weekend -- where brees lost to a great defense on the road, and rodgers lost to a great qb, defense, etc across the field -- doesn't change the trend. if anything, brady's record setting stomping of tebow solidifies it.

and tebow... oy. until he can release the ball much faster with improved accuracy, dude is going to be a joke. the guy completed 47% of his passes for the year! imagine if he didn't have his current defense to keep the team close enough in order for "him" to beat all those average (or injured) teams during his run? all apologies to tebow lovers, but he's a good looking, kind hearted, mess of a quarterback. dude needs to learn much more than a couple of tricks.

at the end of the day, it's a QB league. if baltimore and san fran can squeeze out defensive victories this week, the trend will be reversed this year. i just wouldn't skip an opportunity to draft andrew luck because of it. all the rule changes are in the QB/offense's favor.

Ed Cone

Yeah, I'd rather have a really good QB than a competent managerial QB, too (and I think Cam is on that really good track, he does so much more than run that his running is that much more valuable).

Just riffing on the fact that announcers were saying that the low-rated defenses of some top playoff teams showed a real sea change in our understanding of D...just before some old school defenses wreaked havoc.

Also, as important as QBs are - and in the current game, it's moreso than ever - the OMGing about Brees and Rodgers (both of whom I like a lot, and are legit awesome) up to the minute they got sent home was pretty deafening.

One of the things I like about Tebow is that he's a stick in the eye of the experts (although my daughter was surprised to hear that he was a Heisman-winning national champ and phenomenal physical specimen, so up-from-nothing does the narrative run). Brady is Brady, and Eli is pretty damn good, but Flacco and Smith are still playing for a spot in the finals, so that's just kind of entertaining.


dismissing great defenses is just plain dumb, particularly when a defense has a front seven like the giants and 49ers. even the best QBs have a hard time throwing from underneath a pile of 275 lb. men.

as it turned out, alex smith actually looks like a #1 draft pick. i guess seven OC's in seven years would mess anyone up. harbaugh built an offense to match his skills (like fox did w/ tebow) and smith actually ended up with a rather good 90.7 passer rating. tebow with his personally crafted offense? 72.9. even my much maligned sanchize played better this past year. too bad he sleeps with teenagers, though.

tebow was a winner on all levels before going pro, but that could be said about a ton of other players who couldn't cut it at the NFL level. crappy stats (particularly 3rd down conversions), a horribly flawed release (compare his to any of the other QBs this weekend and it's almost scary how long he takes to get rid of the ball) and a bunch of last second wins (predicated around his defense keeping him in the game after him sucking hard for 3.5 quarters) is a huge challenge for improvement next year. i don't think the experts were wrong about him at all, but i guess that's the major narrative of next year.

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