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Dec 15, 2011


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It's been a strange fortnight. Of course, filibustering Glenn Beck will come to be seen as Newt's Waterloo. But Newt doesn't care. For narcissistic supply, he'd as soon throw bombs at his own party as the opposition. Thus, the ascendancy of Mitt has finally begun.

Andrew Brod

Please GOP, nominate Newt.

 Newt's Atheist Ghost

Leave Newt alone!

After all he's been through.* Ed

Poor Baby!I will never leave Newt alone until somebody pulls his divore papers from my cold hands over my dead body!


Some minutes of fame that the Newtster probably wishes he didn't have.

Bill Yaner

The Republican Party has had more rises and falls this season than the elevator at Macy's. So much more interesting really than their dull coronations behind closed doors.

And all the time Huntsman's been the guy making the more sense, though quietly so.

Andrew Brod

Please GOP, don't nominate Huntsman.

Fred Gregory

" Please GOP, nominate Newt "

Be careful what you wish for, Andy,

That'ss what some Republicans were saying in 2008 about Obama.

Huntsman ? Ho, ho, ho.

Andrew Brod

Mitt's beginning to pile on the endorsements. It looks like the party establishment is worried by the prospect of a Newt nomination. In the GOP more than the Democratic Party, the party establishment usually gets what it wants.

But I hope I'm wrong: nominate Newt!

Impeach OWS Newt Movement

Nominate Newt and impeach him at the same time and sent him to the Liars International Club for Psyco Therapyist treatments...

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