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Nov 08, 2011


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Tthere have been a lot of democratic victories nationwide. It could be a sign of whats to come in 2012.


go mississippi! ;-)


babies. :(


pre-conceived notion. :-|


I think the election confirms voters are fed up with ideological deadlock and with elected officials pushing pet ideological agendas instead of dealing with the economic issues that weigh on everyone. Dealing with those requires compromise and rationality, two attributes that are sucked out of the room when either side fixates on hardcore ideological issues as a matter of faith.

Here in Wake, the Dems took control of the school board, and are sure of keeping that control for 4 years. I think this illustrates the same point. The old board was politically insensitive. Kids were being driven all over the place, for hours. Sending kids home early every Wednesday couldn't have been better designed to annoy parents. Voters wanted to change that. They got a board controlled by ideological conservatives who immediately sent the board into a downward spiral of bickering and deadlock. Just because you don't want to have to leave work early on Wednesday to pick up your kid doesn't make you a red-blooded partisan. The Dems here need to remember that. too.

Dr. Mary Johnson

I think you meant "conceived" notion, Sean.

Of course, it could be my lack of an English major.


"pre-conceived notion. :-|"

Is it okay to abort a notion prior to conception?


Not if you define it as a notion at the moment of preconception.


a play on words, mary, as you should know as a person in the field of medicine, conception does not equate with a baby. it takes a few weeks for the early placenta to come into being, which allow for a pregnancy test. i mean, if we can't test for it being there, how do we regulate it being a "person?"

conception is a romantic notion of a "baby" ... and there's a possibility, due to nature itself, that process never even occurs.

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