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Nov 09, 2011


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David Hoggard

The Conservative bloc just released came in to Council and took to governance without regard to compromise or conciliation or getting re-elected. Some people applaud that, but such applause is not very loud nor sustained hereabouts.

Knight, Thompson, Rakestraw and Wade forged ahead as if they only had two years to get things done. Turns out they were right.

Don Moore

I looking forward to see how much "Vision" is going to add to our taxes and fees. Granted the Council will be more harmonious, because based on past performance, they know they can tax and spend to get the votes they need.

David Wharton

Recommended reading for the new council.

Ron Decline

Ed, with Human Relations Commission members Hoffman and Abuzuiater, former mayor and identity politics master Johnson, and yes, Mr. Registered Republican on the new city council, the answer to your "how liberal" question is "somewhere between Michael Moore and Che Guevera."

David, I've read your satement on the conservative bloc's attempt to "govern without regard to compromise or conciliation" several times. When did they actually do this (apart from the landfill, and please don't give me this "they didn't listen" malarkey; they couldn't help but listen to all the people who came up and spoke. Did they listen? Yes. Did they AGREE with the speakers? No. One does not beget the other)?

And a follow up; what have you seen from Robbie Perkins that leads you to believe he will listen and have regard to compromise or conciliation if the topic is not some new land or property development he will have to recuse himself from anyway?

You can put lilacs and daisies on top of a bag of crap. But it's still a bag of crap.

Ed Cone

"...apart from the landfill"

Yes, ignore the largest and most contentious issue of the term, and the term looks kind of different.

Last night's sweep happened for a reason.


Would the Farmers Market qualify? Never could quite keep up with that one.


If the new council can learn something from the last council, I'd say this: pick your battles wisely. Micromanaging the farmer's market process, debating library porn filters, limiting public input at public meetings and bringing up one of the most divisive issues under the guise of "saving money" really did nothing to move the city forward. Keeping taxes low is important, but it isn't the only thing. Now, if I was this council, I'd find some ways to quickly save $3 million dollars to show that there is more than one means to an end. (i.e., focusing on the landfill as the only way to save the city money, was extremely short-sighted.)

Billy Jones

The Greensboro City Council short-sighted! Surely you jest?


"...I'd find some ways to quickly save $3 million dollars to show that there is more than one means to an end."

Good luck with that. Once you take WSL off the table, there is no savings potential that comes remotely close. Robbie knows this. His hands are now tied.

He will have to raise taxes and fees to get anything accomplished. I don't like it but at least everyone in the city will share in that pleasure, unlike income taxes. With a large Duke Energy increase looming and gasoline prices set to rise, it will put a damper on the poor and the ones living on fixed incomes.

And let's not forget the Elephant on Lee St. That is going to take a lot of greenbacks to cover the losses, especially with no US Figure Skating and men's ACC tourney next year.

GPD needs to be funded further as well. Will council settle the lawsuits? Where is that cash coming from if it does?

Jobs. That's what Robbie campaigned on. Thats what is expertise is. This is what Greensboro needs more than anything. Hopefully, he can deliver big time.

I want more than a unified and polite council. I want to see some results. Best of luck to the new council!

David Hoggard

My minions have spoken for me, Ron.

And actually I have only written "govern without regard to compromise or conciliation" once. If you've read it several times, the wire services must've picked it up.

Billy Jones

What can Robbie possibly do to bring jobs other than entitlements and bribes incentives to rich corporations that require us to build new infrastructure that Greensboro hasn't the money nor the credit rating to build?

I know but I'll let all of you figure it out for yourselves.

Here's a little tidbit for you: A few years ago when Walmart wanted money to help build their store on East Cone Blvd and the local blogosphere went ballistic and forced City Council to change their decision, Robbie lead the charge to secretly steal divert the money from other city departments and apply it to offsetting Walmart's costs.

Robbie slipped up and told me in the Green Bean one morning in 2007. We can expect much more of this in the future.


"What can Robbie possibly do to bring jobs other than entitlements and bribes incentives to rich corporations that require us to build new infrastructure that Greensboro hasn't the money nor the credit rating to build?"

That's called economic development. If it brings in jobs it will line someone's pockets and hopefully bring down our woeful unemployment rate. Win win.


Billy and JC - You write as if you think it only works that way in Greensboro. I'm in Virginia now and it's the same damn game here. The game might be rigged, but until you learn the game and play instead of whining about the rules, nothing can change. Let Robbie know that you will be watching closely and exposing any deals like the WalMart one you just pointed out and then call them out when it happens. I'm 100% with you on being against subsidized infrastructure...in fact it's what I get paid to do now. But if people are truly against that in Greensboro, y'all need to get organized. TREBIC will continue to get its way when there is no organized group to oppose it. We don't win all the time up here, but we win an awful lot.

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