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Oct 20, 2011


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The comments at this Naked Capitalism post mention rule 23A of the Federal Reserve Act, part of Dodd Frank, gives the FDIC authority to rescind moving the derivatives from BAC to BoA. Now we're waiting for the FDIC to act.


The only other discussion of Section 23A are in articles to which you linked this morning.

Ed Cone

Still nothing I can find on this in the Charlotte Observer...


makes you wanna make sure?


Here's Saule T. Omarova's article on Section 23A.

Billy Jones

If this news was on the front pages of regular newspapers and not just business publications, BOA would see a run on the bank today that would bring it down and possibly cripple regulators.

Ed Cone

It made the NY Post and is getting coverage from the big national papers, although still as a business story...As of this morning, still nothing I could find in the Charlotte Observer.

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