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Oct 31, 2011


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There's a bit of a con being run about this country's actual defense needs. We still spend as if the USSR was going to come back to life tomorrow in a suicidal mood.

Quite a few people seem to believe we need to spend close to a trillion a year to defende ourselves against "terror".

A rational analysis of our defense needs has been a long time coming, and is unlikely to happen as long as no one in power has anything to gain by being rational.

Ed Cone

And a lot of our "foreign aid" is really welfare for defense contractors -- we give billions away to countries who must then turn around and buy weapons from us. Wrong on more than one level.

Bill Yaner

Political philosophies aside, we cannot have an intelligent discussion of public spending in this country without a strong look at those who stand to benefit the most, i.e. the buyers of our democracy.

Simply speaking, the benficiaries of better bridges - beyond the one time contractors and employees doing the building - are all of us who drive over it. The largest beneficiaries of year after year spending sprees on defense systems are a handful of military suppliers that can concentrate their "appreciation" in a very heartfelt way back to Congress.

Billy Jones

When was the last time a stealth bomber was used to stop terrorists? THe answer: never.


Public works projects are boring. Making war is exciting. Such is the curse of our species.

Bill Yaner

"War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" - a good read by Christopher Hedges that is more than a little unsettling.


I'm reading another Hedges book right now. He's got a lot to say but reading it is like taking a 2 hour shower - you feel cleaner but also a bit beat up.

Bill Yaner  N

Hear you, Ishmael. The man looks right into our heart and does not blink.

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