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Oct 26, 2011


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Billy Jones

But an ant is an ant is an ant, and cannot become a grasshopper no matter how wasteful the ant becomes.

Bill Yaner

And take that percentage that actually HAVE the means to spend now without those old go-to's of adding a second income, taking a home equity loan, or running up a credit card debt without all those scary reminders about how much you'll actually, eventually pay, and wherever you want to reasonably put that - 1%, 10%, 20% of consumers - that number cannot generate sustainable growth in a healthy economy.

One ant's opinion.


None of that wealth seems to be trickling down to the people who would actually use it to buy groceries, get car repairs, buy school clothes and supplies, upgrade their energy sucking air conditioning/heating, go to the doctor, buy medicines, let alone luxuries such as movies and meals out. The wealthy can't spend out us out of the recession and the middle class (what's left of it) doesn't know what disposable income looks like any more. Consumers won't spend if there is no money to spend and they won't spend until we tackle unemployment with both short-term AND long-term approaches. (I get that the political parties in power seem to think these are mutually exclusive.)

Billy Jones

"One ant's opinion."

Wise ant...

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