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Oct 24, 2011


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No good deed goes unpunished. It's just more hilarity that you're having to defend a statement you never made.

 Occupy Corporate Mouthpiece?

but what then? If you just ignore the system, the system can ignore you, and then what have you accomplished?*Ed

A whole lot! Now that we have your attention! We plan to occupy your mind like we did to Herman Cain which was total empty..

Ed Cone

If people are talking more and thinking more about it, then the misattribution was a forward fumble.

Good things can happen outside of politics, but if the political system is left unchanged we're screwed, so I'm interested in the plan on that front.


"This is a debate over basic moral commitments without which a system cannot function. There is no way to resolve it either through neutral principles or by efficiency arguments."

Ed Cone

Right, moral (and practical) commitments happen outside of politics.

But corporate-controlled government remains a large problem with which to deal. What is the mechanism for dealing with it?

Billy Jones

The plan: We Occupy everywhere until Wall Street's losses are so huge they are afraid to influence politics.

Occupy, we are bigger than you know and nowhere is beyond our reach.

And no, I don't expect you to understand but enough will understand.


Outside of politics? That is politics in it's essence. The right's prescription for ending corporate control (at least for those who see it as a problem) is to make government small enough that it can't be used by corporations to seek advantage, and that fairness is a result of unimpeded competition. The left's is, well, pretty much opposite: the government must be strong enough to tame corporations and ensure the wealthy don't gain unfair advantage.

The latter was basically the post-Depression consensus until ripped apart by Southern strategies, mornings in America and successful recruitment to the neo-Randian worldview. And without consensus, you get logjam and status quo. OWS may be naive about the mechanisms of electoral politics, but I think they've got the right idea in trying to rebuild consensus.

Ed Cone

One need not be involved in politics to conclude that corporate control is a problem.

But once you've reached that conclusion, the political system offers you meaningful levels to pull and ignoring the system cedes important ground to the interests that concern you.

Billy Jones

So simple even a journalist can understand: For the 1%, bribing politicians is easy. But let's see Wall Street bribe the entire working class of the World.

Not even the 1% is that wealthy.


I don't think ignoring is a fair characterization of what they're doing. They probably agree with professors Hacker and Pierson that the "politics as electoral specacle" is a charade. They probably don't have the proper appreciation for the politics of organizations and institutions, or for the nuts and bolts of movement building. But getting out there and trying to heighten the contradictions ain't chicken feed, and I'd say they've done pretty well on that front in the last month.

Mad Dog

I think this sums it up best:

"The problem with quotations on the internet is that you never know if they are genuine."-Abe Lincoln


Ed Cone

"But getting out there and trying to heighten the contradictions ain't chicken feed, and I'd say they've done pretty well on that front in the last month."

Exactly. That is central to what I actually was trying to say in response to the original quote, and why attributing the whole thing to me was misleading.


We've received an apology from Allen Johnson. Hat tip to JW.


Good to attributed to some of Fec's best work. You could have gotten mixed in with some other bloggers....


To BE attributed.........

Read twice, post once. There is a carpenter analogy in there somewhere.....


Thanks. You're free to post on my blog again about Guarino.


Oh Lord!

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