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Oct 30, 2011


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Last month in Scotland, I rented from Thrifty. Insurance would have more than doubled the cost, so, for the first time, I went with the credit card coverage. Despite knocking the left curb several times, I passed inspection at journey's end.

I'd booked a VW Golf, but drove away in a BMW 320 diesel estate. A spiffy car that pulled down 50+ mpg cruising at 60.

Ed Cone

I've always heard you shouldn't take the insurance if you know your credit card covers that aspect. We blew out a tire in Sicily earlier this year, our Visa card covered the cost (although we did get stuck with some admin expenses).

Billy Jones

justcorbly, was that 60KPM or 60MPH?


Ed: Did your card pay the rental agency directly, or did it reimburse you after you paid? Thrifty required written evidence of the coverage -- a letter -- before they would waive their insurance fees.

Billy: 60 mph, the "unless otherwise marked" speed limit on roads in Scotland. The car was great. Only a bit of diesel rattle at a cold idle. Plenty of acceleration, during which the MPG numbers weren't so great. Handled, you know, like a BMW. I want one.

Ed Cone

Card paid me, after lengthy documentation process, I was out of pocket for a few months.

We rented an Audi A4 diesel wagon in France a few years back, maneuverable enough for narrow ancient streets, fast enough for the left lane of the autoroute.


I once rented a Chevy Astro to drive the family to Myrtle Beach.

Billy Jones

50 MPG at 60 MPH ain't bad but I get the same with my 91 Tercel and didn't go in debt to buy it put it together. ;-) I'm sure I would love the BMW but not the payments.

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