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Oct 28, 2011


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I gave up after the strike of 94/95?. Robbed my beloved Braves of another shot at a championship. Maybe saved them from another choke. BTW, I was a huge Brooks Robinson fan. Like the Braves, they should have won more than one WS.


I was an O's fan of the same era. Now I can't keep up with who is on what team. I start watching every year when the playoffs roll around. I'm glad it went to game 7. Maybe I can actually see the end of a game. That's not happening on a school night.


If it had been Braves and Red Sox, I'd've been watching, studies be damned.


i camped out at manny's cafe with manny until 1am. holy cow what a game.


I actually watched and enjoyed last night's game. It was the first MLB game I watched in well over a decade. Had a better college football game (UVa @ Miami? Really? Prime time?) been on, I wouldn't have even considered watching a second of the Rangers - Cards game, but I was in desperate need of a sports fix.

I'd like to see the league contract some of the small market teams and play fewer games. 162 is just a joke. At the very least, consider expanding the playoffs to make it slightly more interesting to follow. Either way, I don't see myself ever paying attention to MLB before the middle of September.


T'was a great game, the fist of the series into which I tuned.


Lots of people attend major league baseball games. Lots more attend minor league games. Lots of people have consistently watched throughout the whole season (evidence is the value of MLB's TV contract). The great demise of baseball's popularity is greatly exaggerated.

Who was really deprived by the 1994 were the few baseball fans in Montreal. Les Expos had the best record in baseball and would have been a phenomenal story to see them win it all. 9 present or future all-stars, including a 23 year old Pedro Martinez. Maybe a title wouldn't have made a difference, but it was a shame they didn't get a chance.

Contracting teams is a terrible idea. Minnesota, one of the smallest markets, and a candidate for contraction has two championships in the past 15 years, and many playoff appearances. Two of the bottom 6 payroll teams made the playoffs. It's about more than just money. What should be done is a better revenue sharing approach and a floor on total team payroll. There is no reason for owners to pocket the revenue sharing money they get from other owners.

A shorter season would help. 154 was a nice number, and with the expanded playoffs, you could probably go to 130 or 140. Would avoid snow causing the canceling of games.


I grew up as and remain an O's fan. As painful as that is to admit. I don't watch much of baseball these days, but I watched two games of this series. I was shocked to see Arthur Rhodes pitching. Rhodesy pitched for the O's in the their last playoff appearance in 1998, the last year the team had a winning record. Sad, but true. And we have the Hoppers, good family entertainment.


"Contracting teams is a terrible idea."

Outside of their World Series wins, can you make a legitimate case for the Marlins, other than the need for a new stadium? Oakland?


The idea of contracting a team with two titles in the last 15 years seems laughable to me. The new stadium will make a big difference with attendance. Rainouts, delays and threats of rain, along with 90% humidity make Joe Robbie Stadium a terrible place for baseball (along with terrible sight-lines & proximity).

The NFL, paragon of parity, has had 13 unique champions since 1990. MLB, a supposedly top-heavy organization, has had...13. The Rangers may make it 14, and baseball also lost 94 which could have been the year for the Expos or Indians. The better candidates for contraction are Pittsburgh or Kansas City. However, Pittsburgh has a new stadium and is improving, and both teams have storied histories.


I grew up as, and remain, a Reds fan. That was easier in the mid-70's, when for a couple of years they fielded, arguably, the best starting 8 in the history of the game. The '75 Series with Boston was, and is, essential viewing, but the '76 team was better.

I'm antedluvian about playoffs. They're a scam to get more money out of fans, just like the interminable NBA playoffs. Two leagues. no division, pennant winners play in the Series. I'm mean, what the hell is St Louis doin' in the Series?


the nba playoffs is the best thing since sliced bread. i'm already going through b-ball withdrawal. please, no more hate, corbs.

Margaret Banks

"The great demise of baseball's popularity is greatly exaggerated."

Agreed! In my world, interest is at an all-time high. I blame ESPN for hyping NFL and NBA so much.


Ed's in the minority on this one...

Patrick Eakes

I managed to see exactly three pitches in this year's world series. Two resulted in bases loaded walks, and the third was a hit batsman with the bases loaded.

So at least I got to see some really shitty pitching and three runs scored in about a minute of play.

Andrew Brod

Yet another thing on which I'm with Sean: I love the NBA playoffs. MLB is annoying the traditionalists precisely in order to capture some of that excitement.

Like Ed, I might follow MLB if there were a team nearby. On the other hand, the Cubs are my team (yes, pity me) and it's certainly not hard to find them on the tube, so maybe it's something else.


Sports ... yawn.

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