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Oct 24, 2011


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Have no clue. Just because a candidate is gay it doesn't mean he is trying to push a gay agenda. In this day in time I don't care if you are gay, straight, black, white, purple or blue. What matters to me is getting leadership in office that is focused on jobs and helping to create a better Greensboro. Quite frankly I sick of all the social bigotry, racism ect., Its time to move on because we have bigger problems to take care of. Most people could care less about what Adam and Steve does behind closed doors.


I'm not sure, but it may have something to do with bringing your dog to work. Of course, being a cat person, I'm against it. NTTAWWT.


I don't know but I don't like the the sound of it. Probably going to have an adverse impact on my happiness and well being. May even be communist or fascist or socialist plot to destroy our community.

Joe Killian

My understanding, from talking to local conservative political activists, is this is related to candidates who would favor, for instance, continuing to offer benefits to the partners of gay employees who cannot legally marry their significant others.

That's the best example I've been offered of how local elected officials have anything to do with issues that concern the "gay sociopolitical agenda."

Andrew Brod

I like the way quotation marks are used in this graf:

It should be noted, however, that Lawyer's strategic approach during this campaign season has also been to accede to certain political/media expectations by demonstrating how much he will "listen". He has spoken at the forums in favor of "sustainability".

You gotta be wary of pols who'll listen. Or "listen."

And sustainability. What a commie plot that is.


Dr. Brod, you're obviously not comfortable with the notion that God will provide for our needs.


The Gay Sociopolitical Agenda Committee that meets at my house thinks Danny Thompson and Orson Scott Card (official web site photo, not Wikipedia) would make a cute couple. We support Thompson for re-election in case OSC has a power thing.


My "gay sociopolitical agenda" for the week includes having dinner with my parents on Thursday night and taking in the UNC-Wake Forest game on Saturday.

Or is that just my "gay social agenda" for the week?

Maybe to put the "political" in my "gay socio- agenda", I'll be sure to wear a big rainbow flag -- or perhaps Guarino prefers a pink triangle -- on my head as I socially eat dinner and socially watch the game.

Andrew Brod

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Check the Replacement Ltd PAC website and you would find it there.

Sad how a few shoehorn basic issues into "agendas".

Andrew Brod

I see from that website that the PAC considers Chris Lawyer to be "very supportive" of LGBT issues. Kiss of death for him among Guarino's readers?

Also, the PAC doesn't appear to accept that the Greensboro election is non-partisan.

Ed Cone

Joe, that is a disappointing answer. Are partner benefits in GSO even in serious question?

With a name like "sociopolitical agenda," I was hoping for something a little scarier.

Brian Clarey

If DOMA passes next year I believe GSO partner bennies are in jeopardy. But I understand the gay sociopoliticos are also interested in destroying our marriages, turning us all gay and, um, something about the children.


I don't think anybody can turn gay or straight.


The "gay sociopolitical agenda" is a code phrase, which we all know. It's used to scare people (somewhat effectively, I believe). It gives scaremongers another term to use besides "liberal" when trying to agitate the masses to vote a certain way - and to get them out to vote because people who like that term also like similar causes and candidates who use the term. Anything the group doesn't like it couched inside the phrase, just like "saving the earth" has somehow become a "liberal" agenda item. The gay version includes denotation (they want gay teachers with your *son*) and connotation (so the teacher can have his gay rub off on your *son*). What some conservatives and many Republicans have accomplished is redefining words and making up coded phrases that are quickly adopted and then success is measured by getting CNN to use the term. It's a great strategy that appears effective. It just lacks definition so it appeals to people who don't care what things actually mean. Which is, sadly, a whole lot of Americans. Sometimes I wish that liberals could do the same thing as effectively.



You a nice kind of ask a question that you already have an answer.
Prove me wrong if you can.........

Live and let live.


Billy Jones

Without even looking at the linked page I'm going to take a wild guess and say it must be something written by JoeyG. Do I at least get an attaboy?


Attaboy, Billy.

Ed Cone

Sounds like you think you know the definition, Marshall. Please share.


Most intelligent people see him for what he is...pushing his own "homophobic sociopolitical agenda". Amazing that the doctor is troubled by the concepts of "sustainability" and "recycling" but he's perfectly comfortable championing a candidate who plays fast and loose with the truth and for two elections running can't seem to comply with campaign finance laws.

Joe Guarino


Why would the Replacements Ltd. PAC feel the need to ask candidates to complete its questionnaire, and then proceed to endorse or rate them in accordance with the candidates' responses, if there were no.... agenda... in which the PAC might have interest?


That's right - because you called it the Replacements Ltd. PAC - Agenda. I forgot about that. Man, there must be a nefarious gay under every rock in your backyard.

Andrew Brod

Of course the PAC has an agenda. What's interesting is that its agenda, irrelevant as it may be to municipal government, scares bothers you.

Ed Cone

Joe, your use of "gay sociopolitical agenda" isn't limited to this PAC -- it's actually the leading Google citation for that spelling.

So, what exactly do you mean by it?



Joe Guarino

As it relates to the Replacements PAC endorsements/ratings, Ed, it reflects the set of issues addressed by the questions contained in the questionnnaire. Unfortunately, the questionnaire is not published on the website.

But candidates Perkins, Vaughan, Johnson, Abuzuaiter, Abraham, Lawyer and Hoffmann answered those questions-- whatever they were-- to the satisfaction of the PAC. (Matheny also, BTW).

But to get a broader picture, think back over the cultural and political history of the last two decades, and recall all the issues and concepts and pieces of legislation upon which the media and gay interest groups in concert have advocated-- in Washington, in Raleigh, within local government, in the courts, even in our local school system.

Billy Jones

Thanks A.C. I love it when I'm right.

Joe Guarino

One other point of clarification. The Replacements Ltd. PAC website states clearly that it is evaluating candidates based on their responses on issues of interest to the gay community. There is no mystery here. They are pursuing an agenda, and many candidates support it. They do not mention specific issues, but again, we have heard many of these issues repeatedly over the last two decades.


so joe, what exactly is your anti-gay sociopolitical agenda?


Speaking of PACs, Thompson donated $1000 to the c4gc PAC.


I don't know the meaning of gay sociopolitical agenda, but I do know the meaning of hypocrite, manifest in blogger Guarino writing about candidate Wayne Abraham being gay but deleting comments that reference councilwoman Trudy Wade's homosexuality.

Ed Cone

Joe, I'm asking you to describe the key elements of what you call the "gay sociopolitical agenda."


Joe, I'd also like to hear what you say about the key elements of the "gay sociopolitical agenda" and how it's different from any other PAC or interest group's 'agenda,' other than it promotes issues of interest to LGBT people, like G4GC promotes the interests of some conservatives and other PACs that promote their own interests. Could it be that because it's LGBT issues, it's somehow different or special and worthy of your contempt whereas an NRA PAC that advocates/lobbies for less gun control is OK with you because you agree with them? A PAC is a PAC, it seems to me.

SanFranFanny, do you have any proof of that allegation of deleting comments related to Trudy Wade? Anything to cite? Any screenshots?


It could be worse, you could be a Presbyterian.


Joe has been deleting comments from his blog. I believe I saw the post referred to above. Cant remeber the exact words. But, as you know Sue, Joe has been under an attack of sorts lately. It appears some/many/all (?) of the comments in question needed to be jettisoned. To me, it is Joe's call. I can't blame him.


Joe can delete all he wants. I'll only make it worse.

Ed Cone

We all run our blogs as we please.

I'd like to focus here on what exactly is meant by the GSPA.

Also, how close in outlook are the candidates endorsed at Joe's blog to the viewpoints expressed there?


I'm pretty sure it's a term concocted by a few social theoreticians who make their homes in the far-right corners of the political realm. It's probably designed to stir fear and anger in voters who aren't up to speed on the issues. However, outside of providing benefits to domestic partners of gay employees, I don't see how our municipal government could further such an "agenda." The city council doesn't oversee the schools, so "gay history" and "gay sex-ed" are out of the question. Even if they weren't, that's ultimately in the hands of the state DoE. All the council could do in favor of the "gay sociopolitical agenda" would be to pass ceremonial resolutions, but what's the likelihood of that, and, why would it even matter?


I think Sue has described what is meant by GSPA. It is a code phrase, a dog whistle. A short-hand way of labeling some people as "other" and "dangerous". You can't make him say it if he doesn't want to. His co-bigots know exactly what he means, and by not saying it straight out, he'll get some moderate, reasonable people to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume, wrongly, that he is not a bigot.

Joe Guarino

I really don't want to write an extended explanation here of what the gay sociopolitical agenda has been. It has been enacted and advocated over a period of a couple of decades. I could detail the examples, but very long essays and books have been written on the subject. But the Replacements Ltd. PAC wishes to enact an agenda:

"The primary purpose of the PAC is to influence the election of local, state and national candidates who will best support and promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) citizens...

"We send an issue survey to candidates in an attempt to determine their attitudes and beliefs concerning LGBT issues. After compiling and evaluating responses, the REPLACEMENTS LTD PAC publishes a Voter Guide, which is widely distributed. While candidates cannot vote on many of the issues in the survey, their influence as an opinion leader in the community is very valuable."

So let's not pretend there is no agenda.

I think it would be appropriate to ask the folks at the Replacements Ltd. PAC what their agenda is with respect to LGBT issues; and I would ask them to be very specific and exhaustive. Ask them to disclose what their questions to the candidates were.

I think we can presume their agenda touches on many of the issues we have seen play out locally, at the state level, and in Washington over the last 20 years; and also on many of the issues that have been reported in the media. One of the primary concerns is the extent to which religious liberty is being threatened. But this is my last comment, and again I don't want to get into an extended debate on this topic at this point. Have other things to do.

The main issue at the level of the city council is the extension of benefits to the partners of gay employees. One of the at-large candidates, Wayne Abraham, apparently had a role when Keith Holliday and Mitchell Johnson years ago arranged for this to happen-- and pulled this maneuver in such a manner that city council members did not have to vote on it. Makes it all neat and tidy.

We also need to remain mindful that some of the candidates approved by this particular PAC might become candidates for higher office at a later date.

Andrew Brod

I repeat.


I disagree with a lot of what I've read on Joe's blog. Not necessarily the content as much as the way in which it's been conveyed (I've always considered myself a Taft Republican.). That being said, I applaud him for coming in and responding.

Ed Cone

I also appreciate Joe commenting here, but I do wish he would address the question more directly.

His use of the phrase "gay sociopolitical agenda" didn't start with this PAC, so bringing it back to the PAC every time is unsatisfying.

I'm interested in knowing what he believes characterizes the agenda, and if there are parts of it he might support.

And I'm intrigued by the threat he mentions to religious liberty. Whose religious liberty is being threatened, and how?


This has nothing to do with the "gay sociopolitical agenda" (or does it?), but Guarino just broke some hard news from 2009 on his blog ( He's also seriously unaware of Robbie's relationship with the Maxwell family.


The religious liberty that is threatened is the freedom to deprive other people of the equal protection of the laws.

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