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Oct 31, 2011


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Billy Jones

The more they fire, the more they wound, the more they force from encampments the bigger the hatred for the deeds of the 1% grow. Why, before you know it we'll be occupying New Irving Park. And nothing can be done to stop it.

With each passing day our efforts become more main stream, donations grow and numbers grow. Take us down and they take down the very system just as is being done with the General Strike in Oakland, California. The firing of a 40mm tear gas canister was the shot heard around the world.

Class war? Perhaps, but it was the 1% who fired the first shots and tried to kill US Marines along with America's working class.

Occupy, we are bigger than you know and nowhere is beyond our reach.

 Occupying Zionist Pervert Herman

Journalists love conflict, of course, and so when they cover OWS there’s a tendency to try to gin up the story with imaginary beefs — OWS hates the Jews! Goldman has declared war on OWS’s bankers! Etc. This is not helpful. So let’s celebrate, rather than fire, the people who successfully get the message out. We need to save that ire for the practitioners of all the shoddy OWS journalism out there.*?

Where is Herman Cain when we need a real Black Man Stud to save this Sister?

Freg Gregory

Billy one spokesperson for the Oakland mob freely said they were throwing rocks and bottles at the Police before the " former Marine " was injured, most likely by friendly fire. This guy has a blog caled " I hate the Marines " Nuff said.

" Nowhere is beyoynd our reach"

Yuck , yuck !

‘Lord of Flies’ in Zuccotti Park

"While some of its writers criticize President Obama for continuing America’s wars, there is a clear kinship between the group (OWS) and the president.

On the campaign trail, he often invokes the phrase “We can’t wait” for Congress to act. The Global Justice site links to a group called The World Can’t Wait that has the latest information on the occupations. Hmmm.

Perhaps the phrasing is a coincidence. But Obama expresses sympathy with the occupiers, and his railing against 'millionaires and billionaires' is a staple of their class-warfare rage.

The scapegoating, us-against-them tone recalls the warning of Friedrich Hayek, the Nobel Prize-winning economist. Writing in the midst of World War II, Hayek cautioned in 'The Road to Serfdom' that socialism morphs into totalitarianism as central governments grab ever more power. He said the leaders are usually the 'worst elements' who excel at repeating 'vague' and simple ideas to gullible masses.

'To weld together a closely coherent body of supporters, the leader must appeal to a common human weakness,' Hayek wrote. 'It seems to be easier for people to agree on a negative program -- on the hatred of an enemy, on the envy of the better off -- than on any positive task.'

We have been warned."


Still looking for that Evil Socialism around here.

Andrew Brod

If a former Marine participates in an OWS protest, he becomes a "former Marine."

Bill Yaner

News flash from the front lines: I visited Zuccotti park this weekend and found a calm group of all ages and issues, sharing what I still think sums their commonality the best, that being an identity with the 99% shut out by those gaming the system.

So grab what you want from Oakland or splintering slogans, this core group that started it all in the heart of our financial wizards' playground is having conversations that seem focused on what on earth has gone so terribly wrong with this nation's sense of hope.

Most of the signs make a lot of sense, the tents are solid looking, the food wafting over the park smells really good. Some sing, some dance, some talk. It's the best of what America stands for.

One man's opinion.

Freg Gregory

It is more exquisite than that,JC,much, much more !

"They’re railing against freeloaders and ex-cons for stealing their stuff and spoiling their utopia. They’re squabbling with each other over money and power. The weather is turning frightful and a cumbersome bureaucracy of their own making is strangling their spontaneity.

Their invasion is costing downtown Manhattan businesses and residents a boatload of money. But watching the Occupy Wall Street vagabonds bang their heads against the laws of human nature -- that’s priceless!

Oops, I just echoed a dreaded corporate slogan. My bad -- but somehow it fits the moment.

In fact, the problems the protesters face are almost enough for me to hope the police don’t break up the party. The “Lord of the Flies” descent from utopia to petty power struggles, in front of TV cameras, is a political-science lesson, not to mention deliciously ironic.

Running a protest movement apparently involves a lot of dirty work and isn’t so much fun. Imagine how hard it will be to run the world "

Ed Cone

A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

But at least a cynic is, well, cynical. So much of the Haha Hippies meme seems scripted.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Billy Jones

Fred, You forgot to mention that NYPD is purposely sending the freeloaders, con men, thieves, pickpockets and other nefarious types to Zuccotti park and telling them to have at it and do what they will to the law abiding protesters there.

One would think that you, a retired DEA officer would think the behavior of these rogue police officers to be deplorable but you seem to support them. I'm saddened that you and them have forgotten that the job of police officers is to protect and serve all the people.

Do retired cops not retain their values? Were you the type of dirty cop who would send criminals to prey on innocent protestors who have permission from the owners of Zuccotti Park to stay there? That's right Fred, they have permission from the owners of the park, therefore they are not breaking the law but you would have them removed and jailed anyway.

Is that a personal attract on you, Fred? It could be if you support this kind of one sided "law enforcement." You continued opposition to a main stream protest calling for sending rich criminals to jail just as poor criminals go to jail saddens me. After all, that's what economic justice is all about.

Fred Gregory

Billy you can't cite a source for the canard regarding the alleged police misconduct you were preaching about above. Post all the unfounded, unhinged urbam legends floating around out there You may be sad but you look silly. Like I am against locking up banksters that violated the law. Call Eric Holder !

For 5 years of my career I was assigned to the Internal Affairs unit of DEA and conducted investigations of DEA employeees which in some cases resulted in arrest and criminal prosecution thus your planted question abut me retaining my values is not only laughable but pathetic .

"You ( sic ) continued opposition to a main stream protest calling for sending rich criminals to jail just as poor criminals go to jail saddens me. After all, that's what economic justice is all about."

No Billy it is about more than that. Read it for yourself. The truth will set you free.

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

Bill Yaner

I read your list, Fred, and you're right, it set me free.....of your angry and completely irrelevant babble.

You don't know that you don't know that you don't know, and its going to be really difficult to ever free yourself from that.

One man's opinion.


"You don't know that you don't know that you don't know, and its going to be really difficult to ever free yourself from that."

How would you know any of this?

Got some actual evidence to illustrate that you actually understood what Fred was talking about?


Be careful about those personal "attracts", Fred. That could be a problem for you.

Fred Gregory


I guess the last apology you gave me on this blog was all you had in you. Shame is what you should be feeling along with your sadness.

Billy Jones

Fred, Truth, you want truth!
From a critic of OWS: "It is true that the Occupy Wall Street protest is taking place on private property. Yet Mayor Bloomberg’s responsibility does not end at the curbside. In fact, he may have a special responsibility to act, since it was his strange prediction of “riots” on September 16, 2011 that helped set the stage for the Occupy Wall Street protest that began the very next day.

Mayor Bloomberg is allowing New York’s inmates to run the asylum. That has set a bad example that is being repeated across the country, with dozens of known victims.

It is time for Mayor Bloomberg to close down the violent crime zone that he helped create."

Seems Bloomberg and the NYPD are part of the problem. Would acting not include drug busts and arresting people with outstanding warrants?As someone who is actually involved in Occupy I've little doubt the real protestors would welcome the arrest of real criminals and yet NYPD wasted $Millions of taxpayer dollars arresting law abiding citizens-- why do cops think it's okay to send criminals to prey on law abiding citizens and arrest the innocent? Perhaps you need a dose of real honor

And the movement just got bigger and more mainstream. Shows what you know.

And yes, while there are all sorts of wackos hanging on, the wackos are not in charge. You see, with consensus governing they would have to bribe 100% of us to give them control. In this so called, "democracy" that you support they only need bribe a few congressmen, senators and a president named Obama.

Occupy is doing the very thing your precious Tea Party wackos couldn't do-- get overwhelming numbers of people involved.

It's like I told you in a previous thread, Fred, "If you would actually get off your ass and come see what we're all about you'd change your sorry tune. General assemblies take place a couple of times a week and are open to the public. We'll even teach you the "secret" hand signals.

Consider this my personal invitation. You've nothing to fear as you will be the only one there who is armed with anything more than knowledge or hope.

You see Fred, while you sit on your butt and complain, some people are actually doing something.

And there will be no apology this time.

Billy Jones

The link for my opening paragraph

Fred Gregory

Thank you Billy for the invitation but I have got to organize my sock drawer which is a time consuming and labor intensive task.

Homeless clash with Occupy protesters

"Aren’t you cooks being a little selfish here? After all, you have food and the homeless people don’t have food. Where’s the social justice in that? Of course, if you’ve got food in your kitchen and there are people that don’t have food and they show up and want food, aren’t you obligated to share your food with them?"

Mock what the Tea Party accomplished if your delusions about Occupy make you feel better but count heads in the US House of Represtatives and in the NC General Assembly .

Andrew Brod

"Mock what the Tea Party accomplished if [you want] but count heads in the US House of Represtatives and in the NC General Assembly."

This has been my view all along, though I got there without the dickishness.

Billy Jones

"Mock what the Tea Party accomplished if your delusions about Occupy make you feel better but count heads in the US House of Represtatives and in the NC General Assembly ."

Occupy is not a political party, we neither endorse or support candidates for office.

Vote for anyone you like, we'll keep applying the pressure until those you elect start locking up the gangsters who wrecked the economy.

Fred Gregory


You are sounding more and more , each day, like Don Quixote.

The Chief law enforcement officer of the US is up to his ass in aligators over the ATF running guns to the Mexican cartel and a possible perjury rap. And also covering up a $500 Million dollar loan to a green energy company that went bankrupt. The policy wonks said no but the executives of the company were big campaign bundlers for Obama with unfettered access to the Oval office. Guess what ? Loan aproved.

Are these the crooks you want locked up ?

Be careful what you wish for

they are some of President Goldman Sachs' biggest buddies


Yes, yes, we're all so much better off now that Tea Party true believers control the House in DC and the legislature downtown here in Raleigh. Why, the jobless rate in NC is down to 5.5 percent last time i looked. Right? Right?? Oh well, at least out-of-work women will be more likely to produce unwanted kids they resent and can't support.

Meanwhile, having nothing better to do, the House of Representatives is today voting on a bill that would make "In God We Trust" the national motto. Important stuff that.

tk solomon

the sign the lady is holding would make fed backed student loans "wrong" also.

the same instruments are used to create the noncollateralized student loans as were used to create the undercollateralized mortgages.

why is a 120k anthropology or sociology degree worth as much as a 3 bedroom/2 bath house on a half acre lot? why are no occupiers pissing on the steps of the Fed which creates the digits that become debt and reserve policies.

the tea party and occupiers are barking at the moon or believe their crowing will cause the sun to rise.

Billy Jones

You mistakenly assume that myself and Occupy worships at Obama's feet. I don't and Obama is very unpopular with Occupy as a whole. Yes, some still support him but his popularity is fading fast. And yes, those are some of the very people I'd like to see put behind bars.

tk solomon asked, ...why are no occupiers pissing on the steps of the Fed....

Many in Occupy have been calling for closure of the Fed. Is that pissed enough? Or must we become terrorists and blow the damned thing to bits before you believe us?

Bill Yaner  N

I'm getting the feeling that I am the only one on this discussion string that has actually gone to OWS.

We respond to images, to slogans. We fit them into preconceived boxes and pound our chest proudly that we've figured this thing out.

Bill Yaner  N

Hey bubba! My evidence of knowing what Fred was talking about is my comment about his list of supporters of OWS. What a crock. Or is it just me?

Or must we become terrorists and blow the damned thing to bits before you believe us?

Comments like that are not likely to win friends or influence people.

Billy Jones

My dear sweet but confused Michele,
We menfolk do not come here to these threads to win friends and influence people. We're crotchety old men who come here to vent, rant, rave and relieve ourselves of our frustration and aggression so that we don't become abusive towards the women and children in our lives. (And innocent bystanders.) I don't believe I'll change Fred Gregory's or anyone else's mind any more than he believes he'll change my mind-- it's rock throwing old man style.

If more men learned to do this there would be much less abuse.

You should be happy we do things the way we do and don't keep all this stuff bottled-up inside and believe me when I express to you that we/I are not throwing rocks at you.

Sweet dreams and remember I love you. -Billy


Thanks for the clarification. ;)

I love you, too. 'Night.

Fred Gregory

Occupy, the Tea Party and Media Bias

"There are many ways to measure media bias in America — but in some respects the coverage of the Tea Party Movement versus the coverage of OWS is among the most revealing of all.

Having watched coverage of both movements, it’s clear to me that the press, in the main, approached the stories from opposite ends. There was a palpable eagerness to portray the Tea Party in the most negative light possible — as a gathering of racists, simpletons, and fools. They searched and searched again for any sign, any comment, and any action that might reflect poorly on the Tea Party. The entire frame of the story was, in almost every respect, negative. One could not help coming away from most stories on the Tea Party without the distinct feeling that the press was starting out hostile toward it, determined that readers and viewers alike come away with the impression that those who comprised the Tea Party are at best cartoonish figures and at worst bigots. There was very little effort to understand what it was really all about.

When it comes to Occupy Wall Street, on the other hand, the coverage is much more inclined to be sympathetic. The press – much of it, anyway – is bending over backwards to help us understand the grievances of the OWS protesters. They are the expression of a legitimate anger in America toward Wall Street."

Ed Cone

The media and media coverage are not monolithic, and I think the writer probably ignores plenty of even-handed coverage in both directions, but I think there's some meat there as well.

Andrew Brod

No, there isn't. It's former Reagan/Bush/Bush staffer Pete Wehner's opinion, and gee, who saw that coming? When I clicked on Fred's link I thought that it might be a content analysis or something with substance. After all, the first sentence he quotes talks about measuring media bias. Then I saw Wehner's byline, and sure enough, the only meat is when Wehner asks the reader to imagine Tea Party riots and the resulting media coverage. The only quote from a media report sticks to the facts; everything else is Wehner's characterization.

Sheesh, there are no humans on Earth more attuned to the slightest hint of imbalance than conservatives. They sense it in the faintest breeze while normal people go about their lives and spend their energies discussing the actual topics of the day, rather than complaining about how those topics are being covered.


Aren't you the new news anchor on WFMY?

Andrew Brod

Yeah, it's weird, isn't it?

Billy Jones

I find it interesting that Fred drank the ultracon conservative drugged koolaid-- him being a drug enforcement agent and all...

Must have been a sting operation gone wrong.


>>"...there are no humans on Earth more attuned to the slightest hint of imbalance than conservatives."

It's part of the victimization thing.

Media's problem with OWS and the Tea Party is that most of its members have to make money pushing news to people who really don't care about the news. When your audience has an attention span measured in seconds, you need to punch things up. Conflict, real or not, is your best friend. No need for nuance or gray. It's all winners and losers. The news becomes Someone versus Someone Else, and analysis of the news becomes something very much like those auto reviews Road and Track did when I was a kid: Camera or Firebird: Which One Wins?


"Camera or Firebird: Which One Wins?"

I'll go with the car every time. Nikon and Cannon aren't particularly known for their sportiness.

On the other hand, you can still buy a Nikon or a Cannon, so who really knows?

Fred Gregory

Anybody know this koser

Billy Jones

Fred like to tout the accomplishments of The Tea Party but when was the last time The Tea Party actually worked to help the working class?

The answer: it hasn't.


Lost on Billy is how deleterious the Otherwise Occupied movement has proven to be for some of their poorly delineated goals, particularly since they've been co-opted by various other groups of thugs, anarchists, and an expanded set of general riffraff.

Billy Jones

As usual, Bubba is right on cue with the propaganda and lies.

Fred Gregory


Anybody know this loser ?

Billy Jones

And just as expected, Fred chimes in without realizing it's over his head.


"As usual, Bubba is right on cue with the propaganda and lies."

Try reading a wider assortment of news, and your "lies" become truths.

On the other hand, perhaps you should not do so......keep your boyish enthusiasm unsullied by the correct knowledge of the actual event records..


Bang the drum a little louder and faster, helps divert your attention away from the reality you avoid.

Billy Jones

As I said in my first comment-- the first in this thread, "With each passing day our efforts become more main stream, donations grow and numbers grow."

And so it is. Once again I have correctly predicted the future while Bubba, Fred and the rest of the neocon mobsters cry in their beers.

Occupy, we are bigger than you know and nowhere is beyond our reach.

Billy Jones

Bubba: "Bang the drum a little louder and faster, helps divert your attention away from the reality you avoid."

You mean reality like this?

Turns out I predicted that too. As a matter of fact it was about a month ago on this very blog.

Buy copper, your stocks will soon be worthless.

Andrew Brod

Actually, a more even income distribution will make my stocks worth more.


"With each passing day our efforts become more main stream....."

Violence, anarchy, extremism, criminal thuggery is now mainstream? Being bought and sold for political ends is desirable?


"....donations grow and numbers grow." suit the purposes the co-opters have in using the co-optees.

You need Tinker Bell to spread some more pixie dust on the movement to make it all shiny, bright, new, and wonderful again.

Billy Jones

Okay, here's an analogy even a retired DEA agent should be able to understand.

As a general rule, agencies like the DEA tend to concentrate their efforts on drug dealers instead of drug users. Occupy is using the same strategy. Yes, we agree that Washington is a big problem but Washington has become such a big problem because Washington is addicted to a drug called, MONEY. This addiction is in the form of graft, bribery, payola and most commonly, campaign contributions.

The primary source of this drug we call, MONEY, is a place called Wall Street and corporate board rooms. So rather than wasting time going after addicts we commonly call, politicians, Occupy Wall Street and the rest of the Occupy Movement have decided to quit wasting our time going after the addicts (politicians) and concentrate our efforts on going after the pushers of the drug we call, MONEY.

Wait, what's that noise? Oh, that's just the peas rattling around inside the heads of Tea Party Supporters who are asking each other, "Why didn't we think of that?"

Occupy, we are bigger than you know and nowhere is beyond our reach.

Ed Cone

Fred, what is your "loser" link supposed to tell us?

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