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Oct 26, 2011


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Bill Yaner

Perry's people must have seen how Cain's audacious 9-9-9 gift to the wealthy and shaft of the middle and lower classes seemed to actually fly amongst Republicans who only saw him as a tough talking businessman. In the GOP these days its apparently not the shaft that hurts you in the polls but the style with which you deliver it.

Meanwhile however, the Koch brothers read all the details carefully.


Is it a secular Frankish territory then?

Ed Cone

Great question, Ax.

While it is difficult to transpose modern conceptions of secularism on that era, and Frankish identity (although tenuously preserved as late as the Crusades) would have been fading in central Europe, I would argue that it's actually a sop to the rich and ultimately a death-knell for the Perry campaign.


We classicists cannot resist an opportunity to answer a pre-feudal/dark age metaphor. . There are so few opportunities for them in every day life. I doubt Perry would crown himself though. Romney, maybe.

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