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Oct 22, 2011


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Bill Yaner

It is positively frightening to look at how our Congress was "persuaded" by the big donors of our financial industry into emasculating the legislation we were promised right after the collapse. I have not seen anyone believing that what finally passed can protect us from another collapse - bigger and sooner.

Buried in those 298 pages is the sad story of how our democracy is being torn apart by money - far too much of it in the control of far too few of us.

It's time for a martini.


Tbe big banks and Wall Street are the contemporary equivalents of the monarchs and aristocracy that the Founding Fathers commmited treason to rid themselves of.

Large corporations, financial and otherwise, have as much or more influence on our lives as government. Yet, they are essentially immune from democratic control because they buy our representatives and because there is in this country a great phalanx of naive people who shill for them in the name of the free market, forgetting that the greaatest threat to free enterprise is not government but corporate oligarchies.

Democracy that only allows us to vote for corporate-sponsored automatons who then only support only the corporate will is worthless.

Bill Yaner  N

That is cynical and depressing, justcorbly. And 100% spot on.

It is interesting to me how condescending we can be in wondering how newly freed countries like Egypt and Libya can pull together this wonderful thing called democracy. And then I look at how crippled our own has become in governing sensibly and think, man, don't look here for any kind of lessons or inspiration.

One more thing on this, which is that there are, like people, good and bad corporations. I really believe that. It flows through the tissue of an organization like blood. I worked for a Fortune 500 company for 35 years which I felt, and still feel, to be a relatively benign
entity on the side of good things more than not. But like the girl with the curl on her forehead, when they're bad (read Enron, Monsanto, Exxon, BP, Goldman Sachs, etc.) they are very, very bad.

Billy Jones

One word: Occupy!

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