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Sep 23, 2011


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greensboro transplant


Just curious, would you, or others, support a law that compelled the companies to disclose the concerns that have been raised? should there be a waiting limit between the presentation of a contract and it's signing?

Ed Cone

GT, I'm far from an expert on this stuff, but I would favor measures that mandate disclosure in useful and meaningful ways. The lack of transparency across the process -- from the chemicals used to the leases signed -- seems easy enough to remedy, and beneficial to all, including, in the long run, the drillers.

Bill Bush

I'm much less concerned about how much money someone gets for a fracking lease than I am for how much of the injected and ejected materials end up in my own well at some distance from the insertion point, since the fractures and resulting releases are not limited to the area under the property leased, as I understand it.

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