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Sep 13, 2011


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The letter from social justice states that Robbie does have a conflict and it is amazing that no one is wanting to get him recused. If you get him off the vote it is a go. Gate city is barking up the wrong tree on this new tactic. Having to try to get zack to vote after his recusals is ludicrous. To me a conflict is a conflict for even a $1 it is still a conflict and Robbie needs to be recused.

Mad Dog

"The game is afoot, Dr. Watson."



Triadwatch, the SCSJ letter says Perkins does NOT have a conflict and then goes to explain why that is the case at great length.

This Gate City lawsuit is nothing but an effort for them to dictate who gets to vote on a proposal that would net them millions of Greensboro taxpayer dollars. Explain to me how that is fair. Shameless is what it is.


scsj is saying that danish and school of government determined that he does not have a conflict but read what i am saying that there is a financial conflict in robbie perkins and gate city and he should be recused. This is my opinion that robbie perkins should not be voting on this issue because of his conflict of interest.


"and to force Zack Matheny to vote"

I guess we know how Zack Matheny would vote. Why is Gate City pushing for Zack to vote if they weren't confident about which way Zack is leaning? Looks to me that Zack is a backup plan just in case Nancy is allowed to vote. The Irony in all this is that Zack has more of a conflict of interest with Gate City than Nancy does. This is pure manipulation of the votes. Lets just toss the democratic process out in the trash.


The News & Record needs to report this latest revelation. I think the public needs to know about all the dirty underhanded things that have been going on this past week.

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