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Aug 27, 2011


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Is his typo in the first line of the story supposed to be ironic?


Let's be clear, right now the web is suffering from Google's retool back in Feb/March. His lay-off is more likely due to their web engineers more than his writing, or the constant argument over quality in print versus online. Right now, if you're not an absolute amazing writer, and marketer, you won't make it on the web. Even then, it appears that we're in some transitional period. The web is evolving.

Tom Petty

"It would be petty of me to name those of our rivals in the technology blogosphere who have embraced bullshit slideshows and top ten lists over their more costly cousins: actual fucking reporting."


Somebody please point out the typo.

I've solved today's JUMBLE, SUDOKU and CRYPTOQUOTE (N&O) versions; but I don't see a typo in the first line.


They changed it in the last two hours. It was the word "that" which should have been "than".


I've never really, really understood exactly why professionals feel compelled to give stuff away free on the web.

Do they feel compelled to give it away to the people who run printing presses? Do newspaper publishers sweat bullets of angst sweat deciding if readers should have an option to not see any ads?

The web is a communications, publishing and distribution platform. It's a great place for people who want to give away stuff to do just that. But, that doesn't mean everyone needs to do that. Shoppers are free newspaper. But the N&R and N&O don't need to be.

Sometimes I think all this business about some "experiment" to get rich giving it all away is the result of too many dad's listening to their 15-year-old brag about how he didn't pay for any of his music. Or PhotoShop.

Sell content worth buying. If you're lucky, enough people will buy it so you can do it again. Doesn't make any difference if you publish on the web or on paper.

Billy Jones

You unknowingly point out the biggest flaw in most current online media models. I call it being Googlependant. The more publishers look to Google the less their content is worth and the less their content is worth the more they depend on Google. It's like drug addiction. Some independent bloggers and online publishers have been able to make a pretty good living running Adwords and spending their time trying to improve SEO but that same model simply won't support an entire newsroom.

And yet, even newspapers are now running Adwords.

Until the bigger publishers decide to lead the way, advertising rates will continue to fall. Online publishers need to look at Billboard advertising-- no one can click on a billboard.

But alas, SEO companies stand on the corners selling the Big G promising that everyone will get high.

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