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Aug 29, 2011


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Billy Jones

"But I can do simple arithmetic, and this project has never come close to adding up. Numbers ain't "snide comments," and the big paper should know the difference."

But alas, Ed, the numbers do add up when the local daily exists only as a mouthpiece for the status quo. That is, the numbers add up on the N&R balance sheet, not the Hotel.

And like I've said many times before: why does our local mouthpiece not discuss water and sewer for the downtown hotel?


If the group wants to build the hotel, let them do so. Its not with public money. I can understand why many are skeptical considering the uncertainty of the economy. I read where the group is confident construction will start within two years and that they will be building the 10-story hotel on top of a 180 space parking deck.


I think you have to look at the business side of things in regards to the Elm Street Center. Having a hotel there will increase the number of events at the Empire Room. I'm sure the number of events there have dropped and a big reason many convention/conference planners do hold events there is because there is no adjoining hotel. They need this hotel to protect their investment so you can't blame them.


I believe the news and record may have been hoping to profit on the parking lot across the street.

Abner Doon

No denial?

Ed Cone

Ron 12:50PM: yes, that's what I mean by "the owners of a big event space need a hotel to make their property work."

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