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Aug 02, 2011


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Maybe humidity/dew point, or lack of, hope it lasts past 3.

Billy Jones

First morning I've watered the gardens in weeks without having to wring the sweat out of my shirt. Gonna be plenty hot for National Night Out tonight but the burgers and dogs will be good.

Charlie Brummitt

Dead cicada in our driveway reinforced the feeling. It's real.


Does this mean we go from a heat index of 115 to blizzards? Climate change blows.


I love that hint of crisp in the morning...


I think the groundhog needs to stay put a little longer. Not ludicrous though. I noticed it too--lasted about an hour.


That's not all that weird, I noticed the same thing the other day. Something about the sky, I think, although I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was.

Tony Wilkins

Sensed it too, Ed. Thought it didn't feel like a morning attached to a 95* day.

David Icke Fan

Just a hint, some reptile brain sense of angled light or the weight of the air.*Ed

So you have bought into David Icke thing about being a Human Alien Lizard from outer space. Now stop acting like some Zionist Snake from a Mel Brooks movie..


My oaks have started dropping acorns. I had a "Cast Away" moment going to get the paper in the predawn Monday.

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