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Jul 29, 2011


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my map did not play politics what so ever, hell i had davis talking about my map last night along with cashion.

Ed Cone

Collateral damage in the political wars.


Rep Blust has been yelling for years in Raleigh to have a system similar to Iowa & other areas & I agree with him: feed stats into a computer MINUS party affiliation & voting pattern, the computer spits out compact districts- in a nutshell. I agree 100% - but those in charge ignore it - on both sides- year after year.

Jon A Firebaugh

Nice map Keith, looks a lot like Blust's original 8 district map.
What software did you use?

Jon A Firebaugh

I concur with the idea, but it is important to note that Iowa has no VRA districts. VRA districts drive a large percentage of the gerrymandering by seeking to predetermine election outcomes. I don't think computer generated maps are possible in an area where VRA districts already skew the maps. When will we begin to guarantee representation to that underrepresented minority consisting of those people with grandmothers who were full blooded Norwegians?


I used the jf edition very good program ,

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