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Jul 25, 2011


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Billy Jones

Somebody isn't toeing the MELDRIC party line-- is it TDBS or Perkins?


Crayzee. TDBS just upped the interest factor on the mayoral race about 1000%.


Ho hum.

Janet Wright

What does this mean for D1?

Patrick Eakes

Even money she WDs on the mayoral race and runs in D1, although she will have tough competition in the form of DJ Hardy.

Tony Wilkins

Of course she's going to run in D1, Patrick. She's not going to contribute to Bill Knight being reelected, which is what she would do if she ran for mayor.

Fortunately, it's insignificant whichever run she chooses. BS (pun intended) couldn't muster five votes for a pee break.

She sure likes to see herself on the tee vee.

Tony Wilkins

I've seen comments elsewhere saying she may feel a defeat in D1 coming and not want the embarassment.

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