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Jul 25, 2011


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John Swofford the $1,148,631 overpaid non profit acc commissioner, what a joke. From Guidestar

greensboro transplant

Prior to these statements I dismissed claims from fellow NCSU alums that Swofford was biased towards UNC. I thought he was an excellent AD and was an excellent choice for commissioner.

But, his statements, especially about stipends, are a head scratcher. they reminded me of baddour's recent statement that UNC needed to provide athletes with more support to prevent cheating.

stipends would not have prevented any of the issues that have occurred.and in some cases, stipends may give players more money to get in trouble with.

maybe it's time for fresh leadership for the conference

Billy Jones

They'd be better off to hire baby sitters for the athletes. Cheaper too.

Bill Yaner

College football is swimming in an ever rising flow of money. Alumni organizations, athletic directors, coaches, sponsors, cable and TV stations are all doing swan dives and canon balls into the pool, but the athletes are not permitted. And if they even get splashed with a little water, well that is cause for discipline to protect the system's, uh, integrity.

How long is this growing tension going to be manageable?

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