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Jul 29, 2011


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Did someone get beaten by a flash mob in downtown Greensboro last weekend or not?

Patrick Eakes

It appears likely a close friend and wife will not purchase season tix to Triad Stage with my wife and me as a result of this bs story.


WFMY just lead the 6:00 news with "more" on this story. Geary is on-site and they teased a live report from the park on the 11:00 broadcast. Still no details on what they say actually happened.

Billy Jones

I'm scared.



WFMY's Frank Mickens introduces the story with:

"We've uncovered a series -- a series," he adds a second for emphasis, "of mob attacks in the heart of downtown Greensboro, all of them organized by social media." He adds, "We talk to a victim who was beaten by a mob in Center City Park."

Reporter Mark Geary repeats the outlandish exaggerations saying things like, "Hundreds of teens have been gathering to hurt people."

From those statements alone, the following are asserted as facts:

1. A man was beaten by a mob;
2. He wasn't the only one. There have been a "series of mob attacks."
3. Hundreds of teens are hurting people.
4. Social media is the organizing force.

None of these are documented in the story and some of them are contradicted by the record. For example, the beating victim himself said that he was attacked by one person, the attack drawing a large crowd, but the crowd did not attack him as prevaricator Mickens says.

Ask yourself, Hugh, if things are as characterized by Mickens and Geary, how come the victim only describes a single attacker? Why does a report on a series of violent mob attacks not offer evidence of a single one? Where are the facebook posts and tweets that called the "mobs" to action? Where are the other victims, police reports or eye witness accounts of even one single mob beating?

Thnx for the link, Ed.

Fred Gregory


Yes, according to the N&R 2A today by Sara Gregory ( not online ). His name is Mitchell Sommers. He reports he was punched and kicked by a mob in an unprovoked attack.

The incident had been previously shown on
WFMY and included an interview of this crime victim

Ed Cone

Fred, no.

From the N&R article: "Mitchel Sommers, executive director of Community Theatre of Greensboro, told police he was attacked by a teen at the park."

A teen, not a mob.


"The incident had been previously shown on WFMY..." -- Fred

The incident was not shown at your link, Fred. What are you referring to?

Ed Cone

The incident is described, not shown, at the WFMY link, as a mob from which one kid emerged to beat on Mitchel. Same basic fact as the N&R report -- one kid attacking -- but a more ominous scene.

Bad stuff if violent attacks and dangerous mobs are happening (whether orchestrated online or not), but we need more evidence. The official GPD response, from the JR link above: "Greensboro police spokeswoman Susan Danielson says police don’t know of any flash mob attacks locally. There were hundreds of people downtown last Saturday night, when one of the attacks is said to have taken place, but people weren’t gathering in large groups or conspiring to commit violence, Danielson said."


"The incident is described, not shown, at the WFMY link, as a mob from which one kid emerged to beat on Mitchel." -- Ed

To be clear, Mitchel describes it that way. "Reporters" Mickens and Geary describe it otherwise: violent mobs, called to action by facebook, battling police and hurting people in a series of mob attacks at CCP every weekend this month and getting worse.


Is the incident about the female motorist accurate, as reported in the A2 story Fred mentioned?


I saw the entire thing. I recorded the entire thing - the news had it wrong.


I refer to the CCP/Elm Street events. WFMY was not there watching & recording it. Their report is inaccurate.


Axel, I'd be very interested in seeing that footage get online, one way or another and would gladly arrange it if you need assistance. You may email me at sysop@wirecom.com


I'll send you a message about it tomorrow. The files are huge


Great! Thanks.

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