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Jul 18, 2011


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Never been a fan of the red-dye dog, and what's with those onions? They'll stay with you all day.

David Wharton

In 20+ years of working next door, I've eaten at Yum-Yum twice. I think Tim overstated the quality of the hot dogs, which are red and kind of gross. The ice cream's fine, though.

But he didn't even mention Fincastle's in his hamburger reviews! My informal international panel of taste-testers insisted on repeat visits there and to Emma Key's as well.

Preston Earle

I like Yum-Yum's dogs! They remind me of Lake Woebegon's town motto: Sumus Quod Sumus ("We Are What We Are"). (Maybe Prof. Wharton can translate that to the third person; my Latin is a little rusty.) I'm not a big fan of steamed buns, but this is Yum-Yum after all.

From the whole tone of the review it sounds like Tim was having a bad day that day. I suspect if he went back with friends on a better day, and ordered a lemon milkshake instead of water, he might like the hot dogs a lot better.

Billy Jones

I used to think Yum, Yum hot dogs better than they are today.


Nothing compares to the lemon ice cream from Yum-Yum. It's been a long time since I have been there, but I remember it for being the best deal around. A small scoop at Yum-Yum was bigger than two-scoops (and cheaper than one scoop) from anywhere else in town.

John Hayes

Once you've roasted your first bratwurst over a campfire, the phrase "good hot dog" will become an oxymoron.

Ed Cone

John, how was Grady's?

Tony Wilkins

There has to be some secret in the ingredients that surround that steamed bun wrapped little red weeny that makes them so good. I've always thought it had something to do with the chili or slaw.
There's a little window on the kitchen side of the building. I wish they would hand your order out that window so you didn't smell like onions for the rest of the day.

Joe Killian

I was never wowed by the hot dogs at Yum-Yum, but to me the point was always that the ice cream is good and it's right next to the campus.

Get a cone, walk over to the quad or the lawn in front of the library and eat it under the statue of Charlie McIver with some friends. It's not going to get a Michelin Star, but sometimes you have to appreciate the simple pleasures.

To the larger point of why we think our hometown places are so much better than they actually are -- it's not the taste, it's the memories.


Yum Yum's is what it is and I like it. I prefer Biff Burger and kinda dig a trip to What R Burger as well. Monroes still reigns supreme in my mind. When the dude started talking about decor I kinda gave up on him anyway. As can be read above, decor is not real high on my list when it come to hamburgers and hot dogs. heck, inside bathrooms obviously didnt make my list!Then a commentor started in on Emma Keys and Fincastles..... differant world and price point. Both are good though. I hear rumblings that Josephine's may actually make a run at best burger in town. Again, far differant price point so I may never know.


"Once you've roasted your first bratwurst over a campfire, the phrase "good hot dog" will become an oxymoron."

Memories of that aboun, from my visits to Elkhart Lake WI in years past for Sports Car Club of America and Indy Car road racing.

Local civic and charity groups cook them fresh and sell them at a number of locations around the track. Some of the old timers make the trip for the food as much as for the racing.

Billy Jones

John Hayes: "Once you've roasted your first bratwurst over a campfire, the phrase "good hot dog" will become an oxymoron."

That's exactly why I always keep a telescoping 2 sausage skewer in the saddlebag on my motorcycle.

Ian McDowell

He finds Beef Burger's location scary? Really? I've been going there for twenty years, often on foot from College Hill, and never had a problem. Anybody who is afraid of that location isn't manly enough to be eating hamburgers.

Ed Cone

Yeah, the slam on Lee Street struck me as odd.

Two of GR's first three posts sing the praises of fast-food chains, which is not promising.

A blog devoted to fast food restaurants would be interesting, but a blog called Greensboro Restaurants with that focus would be disappointing. We'll see.

Tony Wilkins

Been to Toshi's yet, Ed? The traditional Rainbow Roll is excellent. Veggie roll and the Green Crunch (avocado, cucumber, and asparagus) for the non meat lovers.

Margaret Banks

The only thing that scares me about Beef Burger - location included - is the possibility of eating too many delicious tater tots.

Joe Killian

Your heart should fear Beef Burger.

But there should be no fear in your heart.

Ed Cone

Tony, have not been there yet. I'd say we could meet for lunch, but that might lead to talk...not like we're going to a nice strip club or something.

Tonight, at least, best burgers in town were at my house, not least because of the fixings -- Elijah sauteed onions, there was lettuce and tomato from the curb market...

Billy Jones

Skid's, Skid's Kids and Zach's in Burlington serve the best dogs around. Be sure to try the cheese dog with no meat.

Billy Jones

And for burgers, none can top Johnson's in Siler City. None.

Tony Wilkins

Billy, I've been meaning to make that trip to Siler City just to visit Johnson's. I heard you better get there around 11:00 and that if you stick your burger up to your ear you may still get a murmur of a moo.

Ian McDowell

Toshi's is great. My friend Nikki and I had an enormous amount of sushi for about $40. Don't remember what the rolls were, but several of them had mayonnaise in them. I'm normally not a fan of that on sushi, but in this case it really worked.

Back in the early 90s,I knew this waify little vegan gal who swore by Beef Burger, saying it had the tastiest vegi-burgers in town. I never had the heart to tell her that they tasted so good because of all the beef drippings they sucked up.

Ian McDowell

And why is GR talking about Captain D's when Mayflower exists?


After having Johnson's (down in Siler), I can't quite bring myself to considering any hot-dog, or hamburger in NC anything more than inferior. Beside, Yum Yums, was never about the food, it was about the location... the college. They tasted better because likely that's all you could afford as a student.

Ed Cone

Libby Hill is local, and has good, affordable seafood. And the one on Cotswold now has an oyster bar, which also serves very-reasonably priced beer and wine.

There's a comment at the GR site saying chain restaurants often have local franchisees, and employ local people. True, but the food is no different from one town to the next, and if fast food chains really offer the best meals in your town, your town has restaurant problems.

Tony Wilkins

Youtube video on Johnson's in Siler City:

John Hayes

Speaking of fish oil, any of you old timers want to wax nostalgic about this old institution, fondly or otherwise? There was one distinctive menu item I'm sure I will never see again.

Tony Wilkins

What was that item, Doc? I gotta know!

If you really want to get all nostalgic on us we'll start to discuss Tijuana Fats. Best Arroz Con Pollo ever. The former kitchen manager came back with this.


Speaking of local faves that have never lived up to their rep for me ... Stamey's has never wowed me, nor any of the guests I've taken there who have requested it even after my warnings.

Jim Langer

Ol' Bif Burger and the "roto-broiler". Too bad I only eat red meat once a year now. I usually save it for my Dad's grill, though he also does salmon better than anyone alive.

John Hayes

Tony, the unique menu item was deep-fried salmon--served in kind of nugget shapes, in typical fried-fish batter--think about it--corn oil on fish oil. Like eating a zit (actually I kinda liked it)

John Hayes

Ed, Grady's was great--particularly with the cracklins in the barbecue, like you find in the best cornbread. In addition to the blackeyes, they had sweet potato pie on the menu but were out of it :(. Also took a much longer detour on the way home to this place, near Greenville, NC. Just about a toss-up but I give slight edge to Grady's. Advice:avoid BBQ/chicken combo plates at eastern NC joints. Chicken is consistently mediocre, whether Grady's or Wilber's. If you want serious BBQ chicken, go west, young man!


Country BBQ on W. Wendover has some very good chicken too.

Billy Jones

When I was coming up my Daddy taught me to never order seafood west of the Blue Ridge or east of the Rockys and never eat BBQ north of the Mason-Dixon line.

I've never been able to decide which BBQ I like best but I have ate lots of great BBQ and some very bad BBQ.

Kim, My favorite from the Country BBQ menu is their tenderloin biscuits.


One biscuit can feed a family of four.

Tony Wilkins

Billy, agreed those five pound tenderloin biscuits are great.

And Doc, I see Bob and Linda fairly often so I was going to inquire about that item for you...until you applied your description. Reminds me of when I ordered the lingua tacos and was enjoying until I saw them pull out that foot long bloody cow tongue from behind the counter.


After 30 years away from GSO, I remembered Yum-Yum's through distinctly rosy glasses. It reminded me of my youth and my college girlfriend. Imagine my suprise when I returned and eagerly raced there, only to find that the hot dogs were -- there's no other word for it -- dreadful. Pencil-thin dogs in which the red dye had saturated the tasteless meat almost to its core.

After years of eating Hebrew National and Nathan's street dogs in larger cities, I guess my ability to rationalize Yum-Yum hot dogs has vanished like my youth.

My father had the same experience at the Rat in Chapel Hill (the first place to serve pizza in N.C.). He dreamed of their pizza for years, only to return and find it truly horrible, once he had tasted better options around the world. I tried the Rat's pizza once and agreed; years at the Rat and I always stuck to the Double Gambler, which never failed me untill near the end.

I asked Davis in the main room, "New cook, huh?" he said, "Yep, new owners and a new cook."

I said, "That's not good, right?" He said, "Nope."

Next thing I knew they were closed.

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