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Jul 27, 2011


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Tony Wilkins

Still gathering info.

Tony Wilkins

One thing I was able to confirm from multiple sources is that this idea came from the city manager and not from any council member.

David Hoggard

From what I can discern, there are five votes to award the contract to GCM, Inc. on Monday.

Chief among what has swung a majority to their proposal were some "my way or the highway" statements and actions made by some in the other camp, the forwarding of the very inclusive non-profit model by GCM, the selection made by the Council's own Committee and an eagerness to finally get the City out of management of the market. (not to mention the fact that Matt Brown and Co. have their plates full even if they wanted the management role - which they don't).

The "huckster rule" is DOA, also, from what I can tell. If farmers want to sell things they don't grow, in season, they are free to set up shop out on Sandy Ridge Road or apply for a variance. The old market on Yanceyville St. has developed a different vibe and product/mix, and people want it kept that way. Something that has been lost in all of this is the fact that the customers of the market seem to like the place just as it is and the CFM proposal builds on that sentiment.

It is time to get this behind us because the other thing that was mentioned is what a distraction this has become from much more important matters facing us all.


Thank you David for that assessment. We take nothing for granted and look forward to this being discussed on Monday (not Tuesday) at the Council meeting.

Our proposal is fair, complete, inclusive, and open. Just what the City and Community asked for.

Emails and letters to Council are 9:1 in favor of our approach.

The community has spoken, are all our Council members listening to their constituents or others outside the City?

What was characterized as a warring faction is a very small minority opinion in the market. We respect other views and will take all this into account in how we manage the market. We look forward to the opportunity to do so.

David Craft

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