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Jul 26, 2011


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What many may not have picked up at the meeting was Bill Knight's effort to bring back the old rules of the market, that allow reselling. Talk about fracturing the market. It did not seem to get traction at the meeting, but I suspect it will come up at Monday's Council Meeting.

If you can't let the old timers run the market, you can give the old timey rules to the Coliseum staff to use............

Mary Rakestraw made a point of saying she has met with both sides. Charlie Brummitt corrected that at the end of the meeting by saying, Mary Rakestraw has never returned our phones or emails and certainly not met with us. Who does she represent?

This fascination with by the right side of the dais with the long time farmers is baffling. The market belongs to everyone.

We did what Council asked us to do, bring a first class proposal to run a city program.

I have enjoyed getting to know many in the market during this process and look forward to continuing my patronage of the market.

David Craft


and thanks to Nancy Vaughan and Robbie Perkins for their strong support.


"Matt Brown and team are talented......"

At building their empire, while losing money to the detriment of every taxpayer.

David Hoggard

Where is my rep Kee on this David? What about Zach?

Sorry I've not been more involved in lobbying this thing, but my disgust with the "process" is pretty complete. Still, that market is important to me and mine and deserves better than where it looks like it may be heading.

I will make some calls before Monday to try and figure out why there is such support for the very things you mention above. None of it makes any sense unless Mary and others rejecting the Committee's recommendation have been promised free produce for life from the Collaborative folks.


Hogg, it boils down to a perception of warring factions. If you put 100 people in the room and three are dead set against what the others want to do, that is what we have.

Call it warring factions, if you will.

Charlie Brummitt

Once more in a different venue, it's hard to have warring factions when one "faction" refuses to "war."

Greensboro Farmers Market(GFM) has never threatened anyone and will not threaten anyone.

Over twenty vendors participated in creating the GFM proposal. As far as I can tell, no more than three oppose.

Those few are wagging the Council.

David Wharton

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Janet Wright

"Council session on the curb market reveals City plan to turn it over to...Coliseum management."

Ha-ha-ha! Very funny, Ed. C'mon folks. Ed is pulling our leg. The City cannot possibly be serious about this!


Wait, why is this such a bad idea? The opposing sides don't seem to be able to find common ground. Why is it wrong to have the market run by a neutral third party? And it's a City market, right? So why shouldn't the City run it? I like the Farmer's Market, but the fighting is not attractive. (Sorry David and Charlie. Just being real.)

Billy Jones

Michele asked, "Wait, why is this such a bad idea?"

First the WW1 Memorial baseball stadium and now the market next door.... Am I the only one who can see it?


If you have 100 people, 95 who support doing something, and 5 who are dead set against it, that is warring factions?

Michele, Council asked us to work together at the June meeting. We approached the Ganns and they succinctly said no, we are not interested in even talking. We offered Rodney Gann a seat on our Board and said we would offer another seat to a customer who supports their approach. Did you read the two proposals?

Back to being a customer.

David Craft


Move the farmer's market to the coliseum and charge $5 for parking. The city needs the revenue.

Long time listener, first time caller

Jones, you nailed it. Take an economic engine out of east Greensboro and move it or kill it. Guaranteed that the Colisuem folks will find a reason to move the Market to Lee Street (why wasn't mayoral candidate TDBS at the work session?). Many of us sat in meetings to build an ampitheatre at WMS only to have Matt build White Oak while we were negotiating to create a mixed use Market and performance space at the stadium--with the city blessing.
Can't trust them, bottom line.
And Hogg, Zac pulls the strings and Kee follows. Weirdest thing I ever saw--Zac told him what to say like a puppet.


David, I did read the proposals. My mom said it succinctly: "A farmer's market is about farmers." The groups are philosophically opposed. If the players can't come to an agreement, then you call in an objective third party. Otherwise, you're spinning your wheels.


Farmers Market are now about community, healthy foods, education, and outreach as well. They have really evolved in the last 10 years.

They are much more than turning on the lights, opening up the cash register, and writing receipts for table rent.

The Coliseum will do a good job of the above. If you expect more, and people do, you best wait...........


I guess for me it boils down to the Council went to all the trouble of putting together a panel/board, etc then just did what Council wanted to do anyway. Just a waste of resources and time. SOP for these guys I guess. Having the CVM run it is just dumb. And if they are going to hire someone to manage it uder CVM why dont they hire someone to manage it under P&R. I guess farmers and hippies just cant see eye to eye here.

I dont mind local art, crafts, along with produce, etc being sold at Farmers Market but I wouldnt want to see Flea Market tables.

Billy Jones

Long time listener, first time caller,
I've lived in East Greensboro since 1958. This community used to be called, Bessemer. We had our own schools, ball fields, community center, swimming pool, shopping centers and a few "gangs" that provided a certain degree of security for residents that has never been matched by the underfunded and understaffed GPD. Everything Bessemer had was taken over and destroyed by the City of Greensboro upon annexation. The "gangs" that provided our security were an early target.

I dreamed last night that Bessemer succeeded from the City of Greensboro and other communities followed suit.

I know I'm a crazy old man but I still dream of a time when the home I own was part of a small town and not a pawn in some bigger city's political games.

The Farmers' Market will now become a means of revenue to support Matt Brown's Folly-- expect more to follow.

Ed Cone

It's frustrating to watch a dysfunctional process govern reasonably important public business, and the Council has made a mess out of this one.

I'd guess the farmers-as-foundation view is close to unanimous, and the Craft/Brummitt plan builds on it.

If City management really is about compromise, then the group that wants no compromise loses in any case.

The status of the huckster law, and a clear understanding of who might benefit from its return, is a key outstanding question.


Thanks to Zack Matheny for not supporting not changing the market rules back to the nineties version and allowing reselling in the market.

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