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Jul 07, 2011


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"All it will end up being is another Lowe's Foods with all part time help and no one there who cares about the customers."

What? Lowes is my favorite. They're not good?


The current Libby Hill was originally a Hot Shoppes drive-in. It was apparently quite the hangout in the 1960s. I think it may have been a Honey's for a little while after that, but I'm not sure.


"The current Libby Hill was originally a Hot Shoppes drive-in."

.....which, of course, was modeled after the original HoJo's design.

Mr. Marriott copied Mr. Johnson's concept well, and took it a step further with the drive-in as part of the restaurant.

As a long time metro Washington DC resident, I fondly remember the Hot Shoppes, and their fast food offspring, Hot Shoppes Jr.


Quaker Village theater in the house. 27410 holla.


I used to work at this location many years ago...I know some of the customers were the elderly people that lived across the street. Is that elderly home still there? If so where do they go now? Food lion? Many of them didn't have cars.

Billy Jones

chamsae, if you're speaking of the high rise old folks home on Church street, yes, it's still there. And yes, there is still a Food Lion in Golden Gate.

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