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Jul 30, 2011


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Definitely... I'm sure we can arrange something... Shan was quite perturbed I didn't bring her home one and guilted me all night. I've got a financial aid meeting on Monday the 8th... and the grands are watching the kids, if you're free we can meet up, just shoot me an email.


I was completely underwhelmed with my Five Guys experience. Average burger at best. If it's all about the toppings, no thanks. Why not eat a salad? Kind of like saying if you don't like the steak, you need more A-1.

Billy Jones

A burger better than Johnson's in Siler City? Do the 5 guys kill their own cows?

A. C.

I'll never, ever understand the lust/love for Five Guys. I'm positive those five guys are laughing hysterically as I write this. Sucks these slabs don't know food.


I am reminded of the story told about Henry (The Deuce) Ford, who always complained that burgers he experienced while traveling never tasted as good as those he got from his own chef at Ford corporate in Dearborn. The story concludes with Henry II never finding out that the burgers prepared by his chef at headquarters came from ground prime New York strip.


I don't understand the hype of Five Guys either. It's a good burger but nothing to rave about.

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