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Jul 29, 2011


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Dr. Mary Johnson

"Whistleblowers deserve protection."

That statement is utterly LAUGHABLE from the journalist/blogger who invented "Coning".

I'm wondering Edward. How much MORE "inside dope" did you need from me when I brought my story-of-woe to you/JR/the News & Record in 2005?

How much MORE of my neck did you want me to stick out before you/your oh-so-noble/progressive/enlightened buddies chopped it off?

How much MORE did my psyche deserve to be raped online by cyber-stalking-bloggers-you're-now-working-so-hard-to-rehabilitate (you might as well put him back on your blogroll and be done with it).

How much MORE do you want to know about me - after baring my soul for your sick entertainment and power-tripping? It was no doubt good for your traffic.

How much care/thought did you give to the online reputation of this practicing physician as you let the anons and pseudo-anons have their fun?

The REAL problem was that what was done to me in public service in my own hometown (just 30 miles south of yours - you know the one - it's just there to take the garbage yours doesn't want) reflected very badly on (1) the political party you pander to (under whose administrations I served), and (2) the hospital that bears your family name.

I wasn't "the right" kind of victim.

"Whistleblowers DESERVE protection." Damned straight. When it comes to a "hyper-local" example, what have you and your pals at the newspaper done about it?

Wait for it. You ONCE offered to interview me ABOUT BLOGGING. Oh, and you wish me well.

My God you are a piece of work.


"My God you are a piece of work."

We've known that for quite some time now, haven't we?

And the "anonymous blogger" bit was interesting, considering his history (and his friend's history) of misusing bloggers' personal information in an effort to marginalize opinions critical of him and his worldview.

Watch for the predictable response.

Dr. Mary Johnson

Returning from a weekend blissfully oblivious to the local blogospehre.

Thought I'd add a link about the kind of "whistle-blower protection" North Carolinians can expect (outside of next-to-worthless-for-the-average-person Federal laws) in our "right-to-work" state.

As I recall, the nature and quality of that "protection" was a bone of contention with Mr. Martin (aka "Fecund Stench") when he was viciously battering Mike Baron of Dam Scam (just out of the hospital at the time) . . . right before he turned his sights on me.

I've noticed how NONE of the "reform" brought about by President Obama . . . or our new-and-improved legislature . . . even attempts to fix it. Can step on any big toes at the local mills and/or hospitals.

Here's the link:


North Carolina: NONE. NONE. NONE. (Translation: Zero, Zip, Nadda).

And the question remains. What have North Carolina's ordinary-man-loving enlightened progressives (particularly the journalists among their midst) done to change that . . . to stand up to the man? Even with stories right under their noses RIPE with ammunition?


This post really made my blood boil. You only want to know who anons are so you can publicly roast/insult/HUMILIATE them. HOw do I know? Because in six years neither you nor any of your so-called journalist friends have asked ONE SINGLE OBJECTION QUESTION of the "public-servants" I've accused. It was ALL about ripping me to shreds because my story and my politics did not suit your high-minded agenda.

The LAST thing your concerns are about is "accountability" or "credibility".

I already took that master class.

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