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Jun 18, 2011


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Thank you Ed.

Well Put.


But what about the Borg?

They must assimilate.

Resistence is futile.

If not true,
then who is the Borg?


If what you're saying is true,
could what someone else be saying
not be true too?

If two groups believe opposite thoughts,
how can the "truth" be found?



My CCP correspondent at 9:36pm, via Facebook:

"movies downtown... movie = boring... but it is free... and it is a beautiful night..."

Seems a little suspect, though, based on the movie review.

Jane T. Mitchell

Makes me happy to read this after the brouhaha raised from last Sunday's N&R article quoting CNN on our fair city. Your experience proves that is is just that --a fair city. Thank you for this piece.

sean coon

best. post. ever.

Ian McDowell

Maybe not the best ever, but a good post.

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S is great, minus the racism (there's a good scene in DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY where Lee and his future wife Linda see it on a date). But Capote's novella is darker and richer, and Holly is a rather different character, who seems in some ways more like Marilyn Monroe than Audrey Hepburn, as she's a curvy Southern blonde from hillbilly stock. It's a shock when she calls other characters a "dyke" and a "Jap" (the novella is set during WW2), and it's even clearer than it is in the film that she's a prostitute.

Most of the literary originals don't resemble the iconic film characters they spawned. Dracula was a white-haired, mustached old man who never wore a cape. Fu Manchu was clean-shaven. Sam Spade was a big guy who looked like a "blonde Satan." McMurphy in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST was a towering red-headed Irishman. TRUE GRIT's Rooster Cogburn is only 32 and is specifically described as looking like Grover Cleveland, with a walrus mustache. And so on.

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