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Jun 23, 2011


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Saw that yesterday, glad we didn't get hit with LOIC. I was surprised at how much wound up involving the tutor. Maybe the OSU deal helped as well, and as Kornheiser pointed out, we sat a lot of players too.

Also, one of the allegations had to do with loss of control of athlete's social media, good luck with that.

greensboro transplant

what do the two main accused parties have in common? answer, a close relationship with the HC.

Blake was UNC's assistant HC and was described as a close friend of Butch. Wiley was Davis son's nanny/tutor and remained so even after the university dismissed her.

tOSU sold out for Big 10 championships, an NC and a couple of appearances in the title game.

UNC sold out so they could go 4-4 in the ACC and make a 2nd tier bowl.


I think Butch coached Blake in high school. Are y'all still holding parades for that Gator Bowl victory over Notre Dame? How did you finish in the bass fishing championships this year? I'd rather be a wanna be football program than a wanna be cow college.

Roger Greene

The committee on infractions is going to want to determine why Butch Davis continued to employ the tutor a year after the school let her go for cause. Also of interest is why after letting the tutor go no improprieties were found in the academic performance of players, but several suddenly showed up once the NCAA got there. If the Board of Trustees hasn't sold the last shred of soul they have left for football success we might find out those answers. Holden, Dickie, and Butch aren't going to break ranks. I find it amusing that some UNC grads/fans will give that troika every benefit of the doubt despite evidence they shouldn't, instead swallowing the party like hors d'oeuvres at a cocktail party. Like Bob Lee Swagger says, "Carolina married a stripper".

Jim Langer

This all stinks like yesterday's fish. Come on, don't give them a pass. I don't care if they aren't a "power" in football. Football isn't the issue. Academic integrity is. My tax dollars, my university, whether I attended or not. It's the flagship. It must be run with utmost concern for integrity of the students' performance in the classroom. Period. Fire any coach who looks the other way or worse, makes such a "tutor" available readily. This is a major embarrassment.

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