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May 25, 2011


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Interesting as there are some excellent restaurants downtown. And as we found out recently, there are some definitely to be avoided. It appeared to us that there might be a few too many.


They seem to be reasly pushing their breakfast on their website. Too bad they don't open until 8 during the week....

sean coon

i'm at manny's right now. it's practically my living room as i've been watching every nba playoff game here for years.

great breakfasts and a real nice salmon & rice, not to mention bottles of wine and packaged goods.


And a dearth of douche baguettes, I trust.

sean coon

yes, manny's cafe is douche free. it's a four generation owned and operated spot. what they lack in speediness and breadth of menu, they make up for in quality and heart.

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