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Apr 21, 2011


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Joe Killian

More on her thought process, including this quote:

"There really was a lot of public outcry, and I believe we do need to be responsive to our constituents," Vaughan said. "If we've made a mistake, we need to be big enough to go back and say we need to take another look at this."


Tony Wilkins

Which is exactly what an At-Large representative should do.


I wanna know the identity of the mystery cartographer leaving maps on doorsteps. What map will surface next? Does (s)he wear a cape? The suspense is unbearable.


I am guessing at BB


--It's absurd that a "final" vote went down and council members didn't realize it.
--It's ridiculous that the council person in charge of the redistricting isn't actively involved.
--It's downright stupid to think that a map was left anonymously on Rakestraw's doorstep.
--It's almost Mayoral malfeasance for Mayor Knight not to point out that the vote would be final - don't blame it on city staff - the Mayor should have known if he wants to be the leader of the city. (If Zach is away, then the buck stops with the Mayor.)
--It's incomprehensible that trash-day redistricting maps were introduced and voted upon so that outside groups have to once again sue the city because it apparently cannot manage itself.
--It's mind-blowing that Rakestraw had the temerity to do exactly what she did, wouldn't comment on it and blew off a reporter. Anyone who does that should not be an elected "representative" because she's only elected and not representative.
--It's great that the citizenry won't stand for it; it's also great that Nancy is doing her 'Palin imitation' and running the city via Facebook (good move, Nancy - it got the word out fast!)


Sue, ...so you like Palin now? :-)


Marshall is referring to my frequent lunch tirades that he endures where I insist that Sarah Palin CANNOT "run the country" or "have so much impact on the media" from a darned Facebook page. Facebook is fine for my dogs' photos, pictures of where we are or are eating, fun stuff and whatever (IMO) and can have a positive impact on social issues, but I draw a (loud) line that impacting presidential politics or running the country isn't something she can do from Facebook or Twitter - if she wants to be a player, she needs to do so a little more formally and darnit, the media need to stop hanging on her every FB (ghostwritten) post. So I rant. And Marshall listens, amused. He's a great lunch date.

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