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Apr 30, 2011


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Billy Jones

It's great to see Jeff going above and beyond!

David Wharton

Yay Jeff!

Brandon Burgess

Get 'em!


Good for Jeff, but is "fixing" it all he is going to demand? How about some criminal prosecutions?


I'm counting on Jeff, who's always been an ethical guy (that's the worst I can say about him and have plenty better), to pursue this fraud to hopefully, a prosecution (or 20). I don't know what his chances are, what resources are needed to pursue a prosecution, and what resources are needed to pay for those resources. But ^5s to Jeff and his department for finding the fraud and hopefully saving some homeowners from criminal misconduct and possibly losing their homes illegally. (I could have worded that sentence better, methinks.) I'm rooting for Jeff to make a few headlines.


Don't we have an attorney general to follow up on situations like this?


"I'm sending the info to feds, state AGs, and demanding they fix this. It represents all that is wrong with our financial services industry."

That would be the "AGs" referred to.

Andrew Brod

Jeff's document initiative is sensible and justified. So when are Bubba and Polifrog going to comment opposing it? The suspense is killing me.


Good for Jeff. Good for the homeowners who will benefit. I just wish I could be more certain that this case will prompt federal prosecutors to recognize this continuing criminal enterprise (as defined in RICO Act) for what it is and respond as their oaths of office require, with investigations and prosecutions of corporations and their officers alike.


"So when are Bubba and Polifrog going to comment opposing it? The suspense is killing me."

This is when I know I've made my point.......when people like Brod try to pre-empt me. Thanks for the validation, Andykins.

Anything else, son?


Whats not to support?

I'm all for hammering Brad Miller's crony capitalist brethren.

Ed Cone

Brod, -1 for trolling.

Andrew Brod

Okay, but I'm still up for the day.


A certificate of satisfaction, "robosigned" or otherwise, has the effect of terminating a mortgage lien. Damage is an essential element of fraud.

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