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Apr 20, 2011


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Well this still may not happen. Its going to require six votes next meeting to officially adopt this. Mary will get a 5th vote, Danny Thompson. But the swing vote Zack Matheny is in a sticky situation. He has already come out and said there is no need to redistrict so if he goes along with Mary, he'll be going back on what he said. That being said I don't think Zack will support the plan because he is looking out for his political future. What this means is that if the proposal fails to pass next meeting, The Lindley Park voters will remain in her district and they will likely come out in large numbers to vote in November. This could all back fire on Mary.


Lol. To my mind, Perkins outing Burckley is a seminal event.

Joe Killian

Have never seen anything like the council meeting I covered last night -- and I've covered the commissioners for more than a year through many scandals.


All of our county commissioners, whatever else you may say about them, will at least tell citizens who show up angry why they want to do something and what it involves.


The surprise vote was Nancy Vaughn. I was sure she wouldn't support this plan. I thought she was all about democracy and transparency? Something corrupt is definitely going on behind the scenes.


Since the RUCO deal, I've suspected Burckley has something on Vaughan and is using it to control her. Retiring from office seems her only way out.

Janet Wright

Friends Ron and Fec speak my mind.


the problem to me was the process for the past month all we heard was that they did not need to change anything and also remember they just did this process 3 years ago. This is not like it hasn't happened since last reapportionment in 2000 it was only 3 years ago. With the new voters from cardinal and the complete overhaul of those districts and also the last minute zack matheny plan from 3 years ago in looking back they did not need to change the districts.

But now we see a late Friday agenda item with not much time for public input during the week when plenty are on vacation and looking at 3 council members not there is not good public policy . To me the process was flawed on not having all the maps out for all to give their public input . If i lived on lindley park neighborhood i would be livid. You don't split up neighborhoods like this . Bad public policy in my mind

Joe Killian

I don't believe it does take six votes -- I think that was a misapprehension we had yesterday and may have ended up in an early online version of my story, but is not in the final online version or the print edition.

Another vote will be necessary - you have to have six votes to change an ordinance or you have to take another vote and get five. They got four last night.

Unless someone switches their vote or Danny Thompson and Zack Matheny, both absent last night, are both against the redistricting plan, then it appears the votes are there.


The folks in Lindley Park are smart. Mary doesn't want smart constituents.

David Hoggard

Something very smelly going on, that's for sure.

Agreed that this could very well backfiring very loudly on Mary. And if Mayor Knight doesn't exhibit some real leadership on this issue, his time could very well be over. Lindley Park, and others who can easily imagine themselves in their position, will have their day in November.

Seems to me that between the landfill issue and now this, the conservative wing of council is doing all it can to insure that their reign is only one election cycle long. You just can't screw withnpeople in that manner and not expect some serious consequences.

Joe Killian

Clarification from the city attorney: no further vote needed.


David Hoggard

Just plain wow.

Burckley is a friggin' genius that no one can deny.


"Mary-mandering" courtesy of Triadwatch over at Joe's place.

Ed Cone

So...the City Council assigns a member to run redistricting, he says there's no need for action...

...and then another member advances a plan that redraws the lines to her distinct advantage, with said plan released late on Friday afternoon and voted into reality two business days later, with the guy in charge of the process absent.

Really, Greensboro, is this the best we can do?

Is there any way to get this back on the agenda for a future meeting?

Joe Killian

Yes. One of the members who voted in favor would have to ask to have it revisited.

Those members are:

Mayor Bill Knight
Councilwoman Trudy Wade
Councilwoman Mary Rakestraw
Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan

Robbie Perkins floated this possibility to me in an interview earlier today, but said he isn't holding his breath. The only one he could see being open to reconsidering would be Vaughan, he said, and he hasn't talked to her about her reasoning as yet.

Brandon Burgess

Joe Killian: "Yes. One of the members who voted in favor would have to ask to have it revisited..."

--Who wants to get reelected?

I guess we can count Vaughan out. I'm not sure Knight is politically-savvy enough to be that calculating. Obviously, Rakestraw has sold out, we can't count on her to revisit the issue.

I guess it is up to Wade. Of course, it's her vote that made this happen.

The only thing this council has been effective at is providing talking points for their future opponents.


It was embarrassing to watch last night and simply shameful. What a tremendous lack of respect for process, transparency and Greensboro citizens. There was a part I heard captured at the end of the vote that said something about (between Vaughan and Knight)maybe revisiting the early voting...Anyone else catch that?

Brandon Burgess

glenwood says: "What a tremendous lack of respect for process, transparency and Greensboro citizens."

--Well what about those mean old taxpayers who were yelling? That is the real issue here. They shouldn't be angry at those nice folks on the council.

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