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Mar 02, 2011


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Weren't Mayor Knight and Vaughn "threatened" with a recall, by another elected official, if they did not support the I'll-fated downtown hotel? I believe they made the threat public and eventually received an apology. Why not follow Knight and Vaughan's example and do the same? Unless they ( Hyde/Riddleberger) can't name names because the story is a fabrication.

Andrew Brod

There are threats and then there's extortion. When Skip Alston made the veiled threat about the downtown hotel, it might have been tawdry but it was just politics, bare-knuckle politics. When former mayor Holliday "threatened" (more like warned) Jim Kee regarding the White Street landfill, it was also just politics. (If you recall, Kee was offended not by the threat but by the suggestion that he might favor reopening the landfill.)

Threatening to release information if a candidate doesn't drop out of a race is not "just politics."

But as you note, it would be interesting to know who if anyone issued the extortion threat to the Hyde camp. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone did, not because the Hyde camp is lying but because what they heard were rumors that they took seriously. As in, "I've been hearing things about some information getting released if you don't..." etc. Sometimes it's easy to see who's making the threat when it's done that way, but maybe it wasn't in this case.

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