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Mar 27, 2011


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Tiny URL?

I've suggested these as a means to handle the URLs-in-print dilemma to the editorial page editor several times now. After a while... well, I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but geez, come on already.

Ed Cone

Not sure what you're saying, Roch.

The print edition of my column did include bitly addresses.

And it still looks clunky.


I just took a look, and you are right. Even the shortened urls are clunky in the narrow columns. Taking back my uninformed criticism, I'd offer some additional advice, use footnotes to take the urls out of the article body.


I agree with Roch. In addition, you can customize bit.ly links so the final portion is your chosen letters. That might help a bit but printing links is still a visual dilemma yet one hopes they are active in the online edition. I think it was appropriate to put the links into the story and it's possible that naming the bloggers would've been enough (and footnote the specific links). I also agree with not naming the person who did not choose to be a public person (the publicity wasn't sought; he's not running for anything).

The above doesn't address the article's content, just the technique of how to (a) put links in print and (b) make a sensible decision about what is a "public person."

Account Deleted

Before this thread gets completely sidetracked by tech talk (not that there is anything wrong with that) Ed hits one of the most interesting aspects of the entire drama when he talks about "the quiet leadership" of Bill and Tony.

I first met Bill back in 2008 at a FreedomWorks meeting in Burlington. I was always impressed with his ability to keep the focus on the core issues important to traditional conservatives without falling into the anti-Obama hysteria that has dominated the right over the same period.

Given the success they had in the city elections and in building a counterweight to the president's campaign machine in such an urban county, I've found the enfilading fire from the far right to be undeserved and counterproductive.

Ed Cone

Doug and I discussed including the links at the end of the article, and I think that may be the best way to go. Customized short URLs also seem like a good idea. Not every citation demands a link, but if they add value they should be part of the package.


(It's so hard to stifle tech talk!)

I agree with you, too, Jeff, when you mention (especially) Tony's quiet leadership (I don't know Bill). It was effective and as he's kept us all updated on the Coliseum goings-on via his blog, his leadership style is one I've come to like: he doesn't wait till the day of the meeting to look at the documents he was probably sent prior to the meeting. (This is a sad fact of many volunteer board members.) Perhaps he didn't have to fight with a radical new group (or a new group with very different ideas and expectations might be gentler) during his tenure, but he was effective and appears now to be the 'moderate' leadership that, well, worked. I don't have to agree with him politically to recognize his effectiveness.

And he makes a GREAT lunch date.


Wilkins is smart, dedicated to conservative issues without being strident, willing to listen to all sides of an argument & genuinely cares about this city, its people & its future. He is not an idealogue. If he ever decided to run, he would make a great city councilman who will throw himself into the job, not for his own sake, but for the sake of improving life in Greensboro and being a reposnsible steward of taxpayer interests.

As for that Theresa Yon girl - I always thought she was some kind of major lib in disguise - would not have trusted her for a minute.


But damn she pulled a fast one on them, didn't she? That whole Alinsky "isolate & demonize your opponent" thing only works when your opponent does what you assume she will do. If your opponent changes the game on you - like say, dropping out with only 2 days left, leaving you with no plan whatsoever because you spent the whole time attacking her personally - then, well...........you lose.

Ed Cone

Axel, you might want to identify yourself for those readers who don't know who you are.


How many figure skating politicians are there in our fair city?

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