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Mar 14, 2011


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Account Deleted

Well I guess I'm glad I didn't criticize someone for misspelling the name of the American general in the battle of Guilford Courthouse then.


^^ This. And, comma, usage. Painful, what,

Billy Jones


And that's coming from a real hack with no formal training.

Come to think of it, I didn't get informal training either.


Last week's AP headline..."Rain causes floods..."

Steve Harrison

They did it again:

Drunk-Drinking Checkpoints Planned

Does anybody know if these made it into the dead-tree versions?

my 2¢

As this is a repeat offense, maybe they really mean "drunk drinking." As in, drunks will be drinking on St. Pat's Day. Or, drinking more than usual, I guess. It's not really nice to call people "drunks," but it's probably true that the habitually drunk may be drinking more than usual on that particular day (and some of them will be driving), hence "drunk drinking."


"As this is a repeat offense, maybe they really mean 'drunk drinking.'"

Actually, "Drinking While Drunk" would be the more appropriate name for the legal offense.

my 2¢

DWD. Nice.


"Drinking While Drunk"

Can you state that in the past tense?

my 2¢

Drank while drunk.


But if you are caught behind the wheel with an open container, the charge becomes "Driving While Drinking Drunk".


I thought it would be "We was drankin'"

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