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Feb 09, 2011


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Joe Killian

Never underestimate the ability of a New England winter to break your spirit.

Ed Cone

The boy is in good spirits, and also in new flannel-lined trousers and a hat with ear flaps.

Joe Killian


Where'd he end up going?

I've got a friend up in Boston now who grew up in TN and went to college in Greensboro. He's reacting to the series of snowstorms with absolute glee.

My New England raised friends now residing there or in New York? Not so much.

Ed Cone

He's at Wesleyan, so the Middletown dateline on this morning's article gave us great pleasure.

Andrew Brod

In my first year of grad school in Minneapolis, the city was hit with 95 inches of snow, which was a record at that time (it was eclipsed two years later by the 98-inch record that may well be broken this year). That was the winter when the Metrodome roof collapsed the first time. It started in November, when we got 19 inches on a Tuesday and then another 22 inches a few days later.

I grew up near Chicago, so the weather wasn't alien to me, but some of the international students were freaked out, man. In October, my friend Ashok from Calcutta was bundled up tightly in a winter coat he'd bought at an Army-Navy store. I said, ahem, it's only October--it's going to get colder. I saw his eyes, deep inside his hood, widen noticeably.

The last I heard from Ashok, he was living in Chicago. If he can adapt to cold weather, I'm sure Elijah can as well.


You've never experienced winter if you haven't spent the season in either Denver or Buffalo.

Steve Harrison

I don't know about Buffalo, but I spent one night in Syracuse in the sleeper of a truck with no heat, and it got down to seven degrees. I was afraid to even ask what the wind chill was. I think I was in cryogenic sleep for about five hours that night.


Syracuse, Rochester, and any other lake-effected western New York city and town in the general westerly direction qualifies.

Ed Cone

Not that Philly is true north, but that was the first place I really experienced dirty, old snow; where I came from, snow had the decency to disappear after a few days.

Neither snow nor deep cold were issues in the two winters we spent in Paris, but the lack of sunlight was wearing.

I think southern New England's winter qualifies as a real one this year -- enough so to earn that front-page article in the Times, and to inspire a first-ever conversation about clothes between Elijah and me.


So has this gotten him over his peer group's insistence on wearing shorts and flip-flops year round?

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