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Feb 01, 2011


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Don Moore

You mean hosting the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte has less of an economic impact than the Figure Skating we recently had???


perhaps Lexington might play this up somehow....CLT isn't known for its BBQ but we are...and we are a short drive?...then Lexington can come out with an estimated economic impact of the DNC that is literally full of pork


"...everybody knows to get the best stuff, you gotta drive north to Lexington."

Not quite. You gotta go east of Raleigh.

Doug Clark

My theory is that the first lady remembers eating at Twelve Bones Smokehouse in Asheville and has mixed up her cities.


Thomas, it's a little early to be trying to split the party.


From the linked article ....
The convention is expected to bring more than 35,000 delegates, media and other visitors to the city and generate more than $150 million in economic benefits. It also will bring international attention to a city that has long aspired to be "world-class"

Anymore questions, Don?


Kim - Sorry. I can't escape my home training. Us flat-landers do get kind of snobby about our pig.


Thomas, on this even (some of) us Republicans can agree!

Danny Wright

12 Bones in Asheville has the best barbecue on Planet Earth. Having eaten at the Lexington, Wilson, and Smithfield BBQ joints, I feel I can say this with certainty.

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