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Feb 27, 2011


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David Hoggard

If memory serves, some years ago another Guilford GOP Chair hopeful attempted to cleanse the record of some less-than-flattering words he'd written.

Could be that attempted net cleansing might be a prerequisite to be considered a viable candidate for the chairmanship.

Quick, someone check the by-laws before they get gone, too.

Ed Cone

Here's one instance of what looked like scrubbing, I remember at least one more involving a volatile comment thread.

Andrew Brod

Hyde: I believe in the "transformative power" of Jesus Christ. Non Christians do not seem to understand this power. The scare tactic of "exposion" doesn't work with folks secure in their faith.

I'm trying to understand this, but it confuses me nearly as much as why Riddleberger's long-ago legal problems would affect a county party race in which he's not a candidate. Is Hyde suggesting that non-Christians, who he says don't understand the power of redemption, are behind this plot? (Never mind that the "plot" appears to be of the shooting-oneself-in-the-foot variety.) He couldn't really think that some Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and/or Baha'is are out to get him? Could he?

If Hyde doesn't think that, then it appears that the comment was gratuitous. I guess that's the less bad of the two possibilities.


I think the more important question for the County GOP is do they benefit from a chair who can reach non-GOP voters in a county where GOP affiliation is only 29% or are they better off with a chair who has demonstrated no ability to connect beyond the echo chamber of a small and bumbling subset of local Republicans.


This episode is a problem with people unschooled in politics (and life, in general, it seems) who retreat into hysterical conspiracy theories and crawl into their bastardized "Christian" shell of "they're all out to get me."[1] From a Southern Governor telling a church congregation that only Christians are his brothers and sisters to the war on women's health based in large part on some ultra-Christians' beliefs about the definition of human life, I'm concerned that unless we start hearing some very loud "Have you NO SHAME?" retorts locally and globally, this country is in a heap of trouble. This Guilford County stupidity-played Facebook silliness portrayed in this thread & its predecessor is a microcosm of a larger danger. I don't believe our local or national politics should be "exposion'ed" from a Facebook page.

And yes, I blame some of this on right-wing "news" promulgation of religion as the necessary reformative catalyst of "saving" our country from "them," who include many Christians (who believe in social justice), Jews, Muslims, [continue list of other religions]. When calling someone a Muslim is supposed to be insulting, or criminalizing one's religious tenets is tried to be made the law of the land, or declaring that it's OK to murder people who follow the law if it's a law they don't like (see Speaker Boehner's comment about those who criticized his smoking, "It's legal, get over it."), then we've got trouble, right here in River City and Guilford County, and it's creeping like kudzu from sea to shining sea.

[1] I do not believe most Christians feel or act this way. But I'm seeing more and more of this "they" stuff, that is, non-Christians (or those not "Christian enough") as enemies, permeate the political rhetoric when common sense seems to fail the uber-baggers. You don't like "tea-baggers" as a term? Then say "Democratic" when it's appropriate as an adjective and cease & desist from the right-wing "Democrat" vocabulary invention.

A. C.

I think Hyde is more suited for the ministry than politics. He owes it to the Jesus and all that other religious hoopla crap. This is exactly why I switched sides a few years ago. No room at the inn for the non-Jesus freaks. Even though as this case proves, the inn has become a den of hypocrisy.

Heavy Early

Really, A.C? "Jesus freaks?" This is elevating the conversation how?

You don't think using terms like "Jesus freak" is any less of a slur against Christians than a similar epithet towards Muslims?

It's still open season on believers, in other words. We can forgive anyone anything except if they believe in God.

In your arrogance do you realize you are every bit as intolerant and bigoted as the people you rail against?

If you want to get a look at who is bringing down the level of debate, look in the mirror.

Jim Langer

In the '70s, there were lots of people embracing the term "Jesus freak". It conflated faith and hipness. In this part of the country, not being a church-goer is more likely to be seen as "freakish", however.

Mr. Hyde is clearly trying to deflect and fell back on the usual mantra (oops, sorry for the non-Christian metaphor) of castigating those who don't fit the overwhelming demographic (but are likely to be Democratic).

Any time professions and condemnations around faith become part of a political passing-the-blame-game, it's sickening.

Truth to Power

"We can forgive anyone anything except if they believe in God."

Why do religious people think they deserve some sort of special treatment? Stop whining. Nobody cares that you believe in fairy tales until you shove it in our faces.

A. C.

Heavy Early, stop being so intolerant of people who possess minds that expand beyond The Bible. It's kinds of a "meh" book anyway.

A. C.

When did you graduate from Liberty, Heavy Early? Why do you love pedophiles? Because baby Jesus said so?

Jim Langer

Man, that stuff's out of line.


Jim, I admire the way you can raise legitimate concerns about politicians exploiting their religiosity when it favors them politically, without stooping to the level of the slime artists above.


"....without stooping to the level of the slime artists above."

....of which, on this blog in particular, we're never surprised.


I'm never surprised at crappy, rude, offensive comments on ANY blog.... no matter the political stripe. Which is sad.


Ed, exposion is just in front of refudiate in the new conservative dictionary.


This episode is a problem with people unschooled in politics (and life, in general, it seems) who retreat into hysterical conspiracy theories and crawl into their bastardized "Christian" shell of "they're all out to get me." - Sue.

Friend speaks my mind.


"You are so intent that you believe
only what you believe that you believe,
that you remain utterly blind to what you really believe
without believing that you believe it."

Orson Scott Card


Many Christians seem to have made careers out of attempting to use theology to elide the difference between "rejecting the idea of redemption" and "insisting upon accountability for one's actions."

Quite a few non-Christians attempt the same elision, of course, but somehow when they're not trying to use Jesus to do it it's not QUITE as offensive.

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