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Feb 02, 2011


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Steve Harrison

This is slightly off-topic, and more than slightly inappropriate, but...Sleeping Booty? Is it just me, or is that an extremely poor choice for the name of a band? The only thing I could imagine being worse is if the Rufi Express opened up for them.

Tony Wilkins

Posted at TriadWatch:
Keith, I decided to call Mary about this post (which is what I recommend you should have done) to get her feedback.
Surprisingly she stated she knew nothing about what I was speaking of and that she never received the e-mail in question.
I received that same e-mail with "Tony" in the heading and I have to assume this is a personalized mass e-mailing from previous Schmoozefest visitors.
Keith, my good friend, I think an apology is in order for insinuating any wrongdoing on Mary's part.


in the post there was not any insinuating but a few questions. In reality local elected officials need not get free tickets and since it was a mass mailing then hammer should take the elected officials off the mailing list


Frank Rakestraw's reply here should also be directed at the prprietor of this blog.

Jeffrey Sykes

Here is something that should be directed at "Bubba"


Nice of Frank to stand up for his woman. Good for him. (Wondering why Mary couldn't speak for herself a little but, whatever.) Frank and Tony miss the point, and it's clear: It was the Rhino in the wrong, mass mailing or no, for offering free tickets to an elected official. Keith did not imply anything beyond that.

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