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Jan 27, 2011


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All these Wall Street guys are closet socialists - milking the government at every turn with inside deals whether through bailouts, implied "too big to fail" guarantee or carried interest taxed receiving preferable tax treatment.

Just a shadow form of welfare to Wall Street bankers.

Very disheartening for those of us who have to earn a living rather than live on the public dole and use the Fed to bridge us through difficult times for capitalism.


Pfknc: They aren't really socialists. The government would have to own the banks for that label to fit. Other terms come to mind: Cheats, Profiteers, Moochs, Crooks, etc. The government, for them, is just a source of money for them, albeit a very big one. Plus, they really like the protection that "too big too fail" bit gives them when they're looking for money in the private sector.

The culpability of these people is obvious and should be taken as a given. We need reform that makes the nation's, and or individual, financial health much less dependent on these scoundrels.


So where is this generation's Ferdinand Pecora?

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