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Jan 25, 2011


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Animal-Rights Activists Release Yow Cows Into Wild


Thanks for the link, Ed. We should be uniting as a community to talk about why a staff of five website designers* employed by Guilford County cannot build a website in-house and about lowering the dollar amount at which outsourced County business should be put out to bid. Instead, we have a pile of intentional misinformation we have to beat down first.

[* Third hand information, supposedly stated by the County Manager at the last meeting.]


Yow Cows, Triple Salchows and and an IT Row -- your weekly Guilford County recap headline.


I'll bet a pitcher of Bud Light it's Ruby on Rails.

greensboro transplant

gee. jumping to conclusions based on false assumptions. there was some event in the news recently where this happened. pretty big national event if i remember correctly.

sean coon

can someone please tell me why anyone should care about this? i mean, yeah, $35k+ of our tax money was spent, but that's what, less than a penny per resident in guilford county? aren't there bigger fish to fry?

i guess if you blog it enough it becomes important.


I'm finding the most poignant comparison is to the GPD/Wray affair. That was bigger in scope, but the irresponsible rush to judgment met with pleas to uncover the facts before disparaging people are too familiar. We know what the the right path was then. We should remember.


OK, Michelob Light.

Jon A Firebaugh

Skip's Bovine Fact Disorders (BFD) are symptomatic of Cow Yow Aspirations (CYA).

Ed Cone

Sean, I think the website story has legs for a few reasons:

-- Williams deserves a fairer hearing than the original reports indicate

-- blame-shifting within County government may be symptomatic of management problems in the Fox administration, itself one of the biggest stories in the county

-- relatively high geek quotient among bloggers


Wow. How now, Yow cow?

Will Tax For Food

It's my fault!


Animal-Rights Activists Release Yow Cows Into Wild to feed the resurgent vampire beast.

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