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Jan 27, 2011


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Fight them with everything you have, Ms. Harrison. Republicans are hoping desperately that the appeasing overtures coming from Democrats (at all levels) in the aftermath of Rep. Giffords' shooting are a harbinger of a form of weakness for which your party can be maligned in future elections. Do not fall for it. You are going to have to beat them at their own game -- locally and nationally. The first side that flinches will lose, and there is too much at stake to lose now. Unfortunately, most people would expect your party, the Democratic Party, to do the flinching because you lot have done it time and time again. Do not take a backwards step legislatively. Be obstructionist in the legislative process as much as possible, and start now -- you know they would (and do). If you take what you would like to think is the legislative "high road", your party is going to be rendered meaningless. In that respect, electorally speaking, will you deserve any defeats that come your way. Please stand strong.

Dave Ribar


While I agree with Rep. Harrison on the substance, where was she when similar tactics were used to "ram" bills through committees and often the entire General Assembly in the last few sessions controlled by the Democrats?


She was quiet Dave, because things most often were going her way.

Really, don't any of the Democrats who comment here think its in the least bit disingenuous that democrats are reacting this way? Don't you think it's in the least bit hypocritical that our once again late to the dance governor called for an independent commission to set up electoral districts?

I must have missed all of this support for bipartisanship during the last 100 years of Democrat control of the legislature. Or at least in the combined 30+ years of service of these two officials.

Dave Ribar


I guess my pointing to Rep. Harrison being disingenuous didn't come from a Democrat.


I didnt know if you were or werent, and I shouldnt have assumed. Nice to hear someone being genuine.


Dave and JC,

1) No bill like this would have gotten this far without a fiscal note. There is no mention of cost in this bill. Go to the NCGA web site now, and there's still no fiscal note attached.

2) No substantive bill has EVER been rammed through on the second day of ANY new biennial session when the committee membership was publicly announced less than an hour before.

3) No one disputes that the new GOP leadership will eventually get their way on this bill. It is their handling of the matter that is problematic.

But hey, if the new GOP leadership wants to set this precedent (no public notice of cost or committee membership), it'll come back to them threefold.


We won lost. Care for some cheese with that whine ?

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