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Jan 31, 2011


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In the background of all this is the spike in the price of basic foodstuffs. Populations in many poor countries, including Egypt, depend on direct or indirect government subsidies to be able to buy the core of their daily diet: bread, lentils, sugar, cooking oil, etc. Hard times have caused governments to monkey with those subsidies, prompting inevitable anger.

Of coure, that's not the fundamental cause of the insurrections, but it is a precipitatory factor.

Steve Harrison

I realize this is apparent to many reading this, but that annual income figure is an average. A whole hell of a lot of Egyptians have to survive on the equivalent of about $25 a month.

When I was there (1985) you had to go to great pains to convert your money down to the lowest currency just to engage with folks in the Souk. It may have improved some since then, but I'd be surprised.

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